Getting into the Festive mood: Our Ultimate Christmas Movie Countdown

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With the C-word, that’s right, Christmas just 6 weeks away, everywhere you go and every time you see an advert there seems to be a constant reminder of the season of joy and good times.

You can even start to feel the blind panic from people just in case they don’t get the right Stuffing balls from M&S nearer the time!

With a little one now, one of the greatest joys I remember about Christmas is all the wonderful movies that seem to focus on this time of year. This year, our family has put together a list of some of our favourites that we want to make time to enjoy and watch during the lead up to the season.

Everyone has movies that mean something special to them, and these certainly make me smile every time Christmas comes along as I have an excuse to watch them and enjoy them all over again as if for the first time.

Feel free to steal this list for you and your family!

Our Christmas Greatest Movies list is….


The Santa Clause

Home Alone

Love Actually

The Grinch

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

Absolutely the best version of the Classic book complete with wonderful songs that I have loved since I was young, and we will sit down to watch this hopefully on Christmas Eve specifically to get us in the festive mood right before the big day

AND Brand new for this year’s viewing list, and perhaps they will become new additions to our list in further years…..

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

It’s a Wonderful Life

Constantly voted No.1 Christmas movie so let’s give it a go and see if it becomes a new family traditional watch

Do you have a family “Must see” Christmas Movie? Movies and music seem to have the power to affect our lives and memories, and I can’t wait to enjoy some of these moments over again this year.

Love MFF xx

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