April holidays and fitness progress along the way

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April looks to be an exciting month ahead for us with lots of journeys along the way.

Although March didn’t bring yet the financial security our household would have liked, we are lucky enough to be looking forward to a holiday – albeit going on someone else’s holiday to support and care for them.  It’s like a working holiday but with the benefit of getting some sunshine and water fun with our little one too.

Over the coming weeks I’m starting to get ideas and planning tips in order for the holiday prep, flight, accommodation and fun stuff to do whilst we are there together.  We will be going on holiday with my husband’s father so some of that will be to cater for his needs from a holiday – ultimately we are there to make sure he gets a holiday and has a lovely time with it.

It’s also been nearly 90 days since I started to seriously exercise, lift weights and push myself out my comfort zone.  My March results (90 days in total) will be taken over the next few days and I’m nervous to see how it is progressing.

I don’t sign up to the ideas that we need control and restrict our diets to get that body we desire of lean and healthy.  Instead, I believe that as we remove bad habits from our diet (such as sugary drinks, fatty foods, fast food) then naturally you will feel the results within yourself of what habits you want rid of for good.

Today I reflected on feeling abit poorly the last few days, but knew that going to lift some weights at the gym would make me feel stronger.  Lifting weights is amazing stuff!  That is the one area of changing how I exercise that I love – as you physically get the buzz of seeing your progress even every week.  There is nothing better than going straight into the weights section and going head to head with everyone else doing the exact same.  Sometimes you will be lifting far less than the next person on the equipment, but it’s ok.  You are getting stronger and you will see the results in your body.

Today I managed to up my lifting kgs in many of the sets that I work on each week, and that felt amazing.  I felt as if suddenly all this strength and power was coming my way.  I felt happy and wonderful, and I didn’t even have to go near a set of scales to see progress.

With this reflection, I thought about setting some goals for perhaps the next 90 days ahead as I continue along this journey.  I work best when I achieve goals.  They give me a pat on the back to be aiming for something bigger than I thought possible.

I averaged 3 workouts a week in the past 90 days, and I think I can improve that (not to crazy lengths though!).  I think I can improve how I structure my days.  I can improve my food choices too.  All these little goals matter and are progress.

So here are my three goals for the next 90 days:

1) Complete 50 workouts

2) I will not calorie count but focus on quality foods and drink for my body

3) Change the structure of my day for the better


Life is always about goals and finding joy and knowledge in what you learn.  Each day can be an opportunity to be better versions of ourselves if we allow it.

Stay tuned for more updates on how to plan for a holiday with a toddler and how I am doing along my fitness journey.

Love MFF xx

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