Someone actually thinks my idea is ok and other adventures in life

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Yesterday was a wonderful day perfectly timed to give me the boost I was looking for.

Back in November 2016 I had a random thought one night to start my own clothing range that would directly promote STEM based careers to the general public and with the dedicated hours of online creation from my husband (will repay you back one day) in the space of about one week we had a fully functioning website up and running that customers could really order from us directly on.

Next comes the hard bit though – trying to tell enough of the right people about the shop in order that someone might find it interesting and you know, even purchase from it.  My goal of this range is also to raise money for STEM education in the UK and each month we donate a quarter of the profits to a chosen charity.  I want to do some good and really don’t want to hand over a cheque for a fiver if I can each month.  However, that is outwith my control for the best part.

And then yesterday…two orders were placed…..for this very jumper:

So that means in less than a week, two females will be wearing one of my designs for everyone to see and talk about their love for Science.  And you know, even if it is only ever two other people wearing my tops – I’m ok with that.  It means that my bright idea one night might actually be worth something to someone – and that means that my passion isn’t as random as I thought.  Now I need to get on board and keep trying to promote my website and idea as many places as I can, and who knows I might even get another sale :O) maybe…..

Sometimes it is good fun to follow a random idea in your head all the way through to see just where it will go.

I might even keep jumping on my ideas in the future rather than letting them pass me by.

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