Family Kindness Elves: The rest of the days so far….

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As a family, each day in Advent we have been doing things a little differently.  Rather than open up a chocolate calendar each day, we have chosen a task to do for others and then enjoy the fruits of our labour that way.

To say it has been wonderful is the very least I could write.  I have seen people smiling and felt good we have made a small difference to others where we could.  This has involved giving up some of our food budget to a local Glasgow homeless Support charity, helping feed animals at the local Shelter, surprising people, sending letters….lots and lots to choose from.  Some days are harder than others, and definitely have learnt a few changes for next year where tasks were just a bit too difficult to complete but it has been worth it.

Here are some of the ones so far we have completed since my last post on the topic.  Feel free to use them for your own challenges each day…





Love MFF xx

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