Everyone say Cheese? Little Dude learns how to speak…

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They always say children grow up way too quickly for those around them.  The days are long but the years are short.

We had the pleasure of staying overnight with my Folks over the weekend, and my Mum said something along these lines that I really have noticed myself thinking recently too.  She said that to remember they are only little for a short time, and to enjoy any moments where you can comfort or spend time being with them.

Yesterday was like any other working day, off to work I went to work hard to ensure all the things I love have a warm bed, warm food and are safe. Sitting at a wonderful home made Chilli dinner, made for me by Husband to my delight, the three of us are often catching up with our day all together and little Dude tries to join in.

He is days away from being 16 months old – which seems so young but so old too – and he has always “talked” away since age 2 weeks.  I blame the fact that Hubbie & I never stop talking to each other about life, that is just what we do as we share everything.

Yesterday though was the first time that a proper word seemed to come from him when prompted.  We were eating cheese, and he wanted some.  So Daddy asked “Do you want some cheese?”.  Little dude pointed and said


And then the tears came to my eyes.

Why the tears?  Well, in that moment I realised that he was becoming a little boy.  I had never heard what his proper voice will sound like before, and to hear a word from him in that way taught me that he is ever changing, ever growing, and becoming this complete little person in the world.  It made me so proud of him, but also proud that he is developing in a strange way.

We can take pride in ourselves when children do what they are supposed to do, and grow up.  But in the moments where they seem to do something that we didn’t expect – you see the joy of human life.  Family is our source of true joy I believe, as just hearing that word “Cheese” will stay with me for a long time.

I am thankful for all the precious moments I get to experience now I am a mother, in all my forms as a birth mother and step-mother too.

Life is wonderful – don’t forget the small moments 🙂

Love MFF xx

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