My second Mother’s Day as Mama

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Happy Mothers Day 2015!

The one day a year (apparently) where Mothers all round this fair land get to have long lies, do whatever they feel like doing, be spoilt, showered with gifts and then relax all day long.  Sounds like a great plan.

This year it is my second Mother’s Day as a “proper” Mum to a small person, my own flesh and blood, and each year I am so thankfully that I have that title in life. At one point in my life for many many years, I believed that wasn’t my luck in life and as hard as that is to accept, was making my peace with it through being a mother to others I had in my life.

Today I got another chance to be thankful for the lives around me, that are shaping me more than I am shaping them.  Sure – I have a little 1yr old boy who is looking to me to protect him from the world, to make sure he is safe and well-fed, and to bring him the best in life.  But, he is teaching me to be a more selfless, helpful, caring woman who wants to give him the very best Mum he can have as he deserves nothing less.

I love the simple moments of playing with him and hearing him talk to me.  My husband and I joke that our little boy never stops talking, as everything in life has dialogue for him as he explores and interacts with this big world.  Our little boy’s main concerns in life are “Car, where are you?” or “Mama, where are you?”, or “Peppa Pig Please”.  If that is all his troubles in life are at this stage, then I must be doing an ok job overall.

Many women in life wear so many job title hats – we are mothers (either through having flesh and blood, or having ones we love and care for); we are bread-winners who are out there in the big bad world making money to provide for our families; we are trail-blazers setting the way for the future generations to come; and most of all, we are the individuals striving to be our full potential personally too.

If every single day you look back at the end, knowing that you did the as close to the very best that you could do – then you are doing a great job as a wife, mother, sister, female….the list goes on.  Set goals for yourself to become more than you wish for, and cherish the moments along the way.

My second ever Mother’s Day was a simple one – it consisted of waking up with my boys for breakfast, hitting the gym for some weight training and cardio (as I need to look after me to be as fit and healthy to be around for a long time as possible to be with them), Lunch with my whole family and then some time with my Husband and Son before bedtime.  Life is that simple, and that very day is one that I am thankful for.

Motherhood isn’t meant to be easy – nothing worth having was ever easy in life.

May your Mother’s Day have been filled with joy and love, and the days ahead are filled with just as much opportunity to be thankful.

Love MFF xx


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