Slow and Steady progress : We made it to Fitness February people!

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I heard an inspiring quote recently that was reminding us all we were always beautiful, we just were choosing today to be fitter, healthier and stronger than before.

How easy it is to say but hard to believe.

If you followed my blog in the past 30 days, I have been committed to becoming a fitter stronger self and using probably the first 3 months of this year to make noticable changes.

It has been a month that saw me sign up to a personal trainer at the gym, do my own HIIT sessions at home roughly 2-3 times a week and do the odd 5km run for fun. It was also the month that I got rid of fizzy juices, flavoured drinks and as much nastiness as I could in the hope to see changes.

However….. My biggest problem is not with the training that I want to achieve and better eating goals, but rather my impatience. I just usually can’t stick anything out long enough when I don’t see any fruits from my hard labours within a week or so. And so I end up giving up particularly on health related goals very quickly, as I think it just isn’t working for me so what is the point?

Crazy talk… with anything life changing really it takes slow and steady progress for anything that really will make a difference to your life. After all, it takes 9 months to grow a human so why can’t we allow ourselves the same patience with our bodies in return?

Sometimes I am hard on myself and feel down when the results don’t come as dramatically as I see on the latest diet craze. I don’t have the “I lost 4 stone and now can wear a bikini every day” story in my life. Truth is I want to slim down by about 7lbs and tone myself up. That involves effort, real effort, in the hope to drop body fat.

I’ve mentioned before, but one of the greatest surprises from my January goals has been seeing the changes that removing drinks apart from water and tea from my life has done for my body.

My face looks clearer and more hydrated (as strange as that sounds) and I find when I have had one fizzy juice at a weekend, I get a headache.

This could all be placebo effects of course, but if I notice a difference then maybe that is just what I needed to keep on the straight path. I managed to do 16 HIIT or Gym sessions in January, plus one 5 km run for fun on a Sunday morning, a modest number at my goal of roughly 4 a week on average.

My goal for Fitness February will be to overachieve that number as the key to toning is doing it regularly and making a difference to my normal routine.

This isn’t easy, and the progress won’t be seen very easily either. I’m lucky enough to have a personal trainer who has recorded my body fat and other measurements, so hopefully when faced with the results in a few weeks of my next measurements – the facts will be there for all to see.

Keep up the hard work, and hopefully you can join me in Fitness February too!

Love MFF xx #mblogger #fitness

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