12 week Summer Tone Up – My Weight training Routine 1 set up

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It’s 12 weeks till Summer and that means that usually everyone is getting nervous about the thought of showing some skin when the warmer weather comes.

I’ve been giving my best attempt to getting leaner and healthier for the Summer this year, plus I’m also really enjoying the process along the way.  My structure is to weight train at least 3 times a week, although gym sessions can include cardio if I wish (I don’t really enjoy cardio at all).  My diet has improved with lots more water being drunk, stopped drinking diet drinks and fizzy drinks, and in turn encouraged me to eat more whole foods and better quality foods.

Last night after completing my second workout of the week in the gym, I decided to ask some help from my Husband who is far more an expert in weight training than me, to help me put together fixed set gym weight lifting sessions so I can keep focused and do it correctly to cover my full body workout each week.  If you are interested in his top tips for this, please check out www.denimbanana.com too!

We came up with a total of three different weight lifting/toning with some cardio thrown in Gym set routines and I look forward to sharing those in case they are useful to base your own gym sessions on.

Today I excitedly did my first Gym schedule and really feel the benefit of knowing that I’m covering my whole body equally each week plus also putting some formal structure to each session.

So with my notebook, here is what I will call my Routine 1:

Warm up – Cross trainer (5mins)

Whole body Super set

Barbell Squat – 45kg rep 8

Clean & Jerk – 17kg rep 8

Bent over Row with barbell – 17kg rep 5

(Completed 3 sets)

Upper Body

Bicep Curl – 7kg rep 5

Shoulder Press with Dumbells – 7kg rep 8

Lateral Lifts – 4kg rep 8

(Completed 3 sets)

Whole body

Kettle bell swings 12kg rep 8

Single arm kettle bell swings 12 kg rep 8

Weighted Squats 16kg rep 8

Core toning

Crunches, Planks, Push Ups (completed until sore rep 3)

This was a really tough workout for me, and felt too tired to then finish off with some cardio running on the treadmill.  Time taken was about 45 mins total but I felt really good afterwards that I had worked hard and built up a sweat this morning at the Gym.

Definitely a workout schedule where you will start to see results from, and excited to do this again next week.  My plan is to do more cardio over this weekend for 1 session to end the week on a great note (4 sessions completed in one week overall).

We are lucky enough to be going on holiday in less than 7 days so time to work hard for that bikini ready body!

Love MFF xx


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