July 2018 Book Haul UK – My favourite books from the past month

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With a flood of personal development books out on the market, from everything from just making your bed to manifesting all the money in the world – WHERE DO YOU START?

You will know I am a devoted reader of Personal Development and Business strategy books, and struggle to read fiction if I’m being honest, and it is with that love of books that I have decided to start doing a monthly Book Haul review for you on the blog and over on my Youtube Channel.

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// Why read Non-fiction?

Personal Development, working on ourselves in our spare time, is a life changing habit.

You can read all about how you can start your own Personal Development journey here of course.

Each month I also have a Mamafurfur Book Club where I share my personal favourite book of the month ahead, that I have read and loved and you can find this month’s book over here.

Be sure to go check the latest book club selection out, you will love it!

// Books I loved this month

The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield

Using the Law of Attraction in your life will change how you feel and the path your life takes.

This book teaches you the age old principle that what you think about, focus on, and work towards truly will allow anything you want to happen.

You have to have faith and then action.

A wonderful book and audio book to listen to over and over again when you need to be inspired to take action and set goals.


Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

My husband gave me this gem of a book after a recent trip to the airport, and what a delight it was indeed.

Teaching you the merits of knowing that Rest is just as important as hard work and play, this book and it’s insights changed how I structure my day.

By focusing on achieving your goals or strengths first, balanced with well deserved rest – this book will inspire you also and one you will re-read over and over again too.


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Similar to the Aladdin Factor, the Secret is one of the original Personal Development Great classics that people love to return to.

This month you will see I focused my reading on books that I had previously read in most cases, but felt I needed inspiration from again.

Having watched The Secret movie recently, I felt it was time again to be reminded of the Law of Attraction and the power of the mind in my life.

This is a book you will enjoy especially if you are wondering how to start shaping your life for the better.


7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn

My personal favourite Money and Happiness Guru is Jim Rohn, who has been credited with helping people like Tony Robbins and others when they first started out wanting to help others.

Jim’s style of writing and speaking is direct to the point, and this gem of a book contains all the basics you need to shape a life built on financial and time freedom.

A short book that you can read over a few nights, but one that is worth it’s weight in gold.

// Looking for more books to read and enjoy?

Feel free to check out my top 30 Personal Development books in the below link that I truly believe will change your life.


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Enjoy these books – CHECK OUT my 30 Books that will change your life Blog Post

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