My “17 things to do before I turn 34” Life challenge list

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On the 12th September, I’m officially getting older.  Yep, it happens to even the best of us and I’m ready for it!

In all these years, I’ve managed to do alright at being a Mother, working Mother, Step-Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Employee…etc….etc but I’m also striving to be better than what I am.

For some reason I’ve found it hard to blog recently, and I can see that my efforts have decreased but not for lack of content in my life, but rather sometimes other priorities take hold and use your time.

My 34th year of life is nearer to a close over the next few weeks, and I will reach the official 34yrs old check box.  34 years done and dusted. Boom!  And with a new age PB being set for me, comes the looking forward to the future and setting myself some new goals.  I do love a good goal to check off, so I don’t need any excuse.

When I look back at the past year of my life, I can see that fitness and personal development has been a huge part of my growth.  Never would I have believed I would be a girl in the Weights section of the gym, giving it my all and able to keep up and set goals for myself; nor would I have believed I would have completed two 10kms & three 5km runs.   All I could see at the start of my 34th year last September was overcoming an ectopic pregnancy and repairing my body for the next challenge.  What a difference a year makes, and what a difference to your life priorities it makes too.

It is 17 days until I reach my 34th Birthday, so here in style are my MamaFurfur 17 things to do before I reach my birthday.  My goal is each day to tick something off or be working towards one of these goals.  I might even get to tick one or two off a day if I think hard enough:

  1. Be a tourist for the day in Glasgow – perhaps my birthday?
  2. Blog every day
  3. Donate to the food-bank or cat re-homing centre
  4. Take one photo of workout body once a week
  5. Have a pampering night in
  6. Read one book
  7. Go rock climbing
  8. Try a new food
  9. Complete a Sudoku puzzle
  10. Watch a movie from our “ Movies of our Lifetime” list
  11. Go see some comedy
  12. Workout at least 6 times
  13. Try a new workout class
  14. Set a new PB weight training
  15. Use National Trust card before 31st Aug
  16. Eat at a new restaurant
  17. Have a family photo taken

The ideal opportunity to use each day to blog about completing one of these tasks where I can.  Should be an exciting half month ahead!

Love MFF xx

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