Why we love the PJ Masks in this house right now

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In our house there is only one request each morning and night from the toddler when it comes to “put something on the TV” time (we don’t have live TV in our house any longer, for about a year actually and love our choice) and that is two words – “PJ Masks”.

I have to admit before, I didn’t have much of a clue about what the cartoon was about and the title didn’t give too much away – but once we started watching it together I can see why he loves it.  His favourite character he will gladly tell you is “Owletta” the female character as she is “so cool” and the rest are “silly”. *Please note the direct approach of a toddler here in labelling, much simplier than adults trying to describe why they like or don’t like something you will agree.

When we were asked to attend a recent toy launch party at our lovely local The Entertainer toy store – our little one couldn’t be more thrilled.  The staff did a wonderful job of putting on lots of child/family friendly fun activities – and even a chance to meet the superheroes in person!

We particularly enjoyed the in-store treasure hunt where each family was given a number of clues to find hidden in the store to spell out the missing word – really fun and had a number of us Mums and Dads asking each other for help along the way.  Everyone was smiling!

So be sure to check out the PJ Masks toys and collectibles, available at all good The Entertainer stores in the UK and other toy stores too.  This is a cartoon hit in our house, we love the positive message behind each episode and really great to see a diverse mix of headline characters in it.  Well done all!

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