Cbeebies Magazine Review – A treat for any preschooler!

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This month we have been delighted to receive a free copy of the BBC Cbeebies Magazine to review, and to be honest it is one that is already purchased very regularly in our house for our pre-school toddler.


The first thing we noticed about this month’s Christmas edition of the magazine was the free pens, crayons and felt tips given away to help with the activities inside – a lovely touch and one that our toddler was most excited about.

Our three year old already attends nursery and is getting to grips with how to read numbers and some letters, so each page offers something new and exciting for him – lots of colouring pages and sticker sections to work together on.  I particularly love to use the Cbeebies magazine during quiet times, such as before nursery or before dinner, as to get the most out of the magazine for our toddler I must sit down with him and work with him along the way.  The impression for the magazine is that it is well put together, laid out with all their favourite characters from Cbeebies (the only Children’s channel we watch in our house actually due to the quality of programmes over other children’s channels).

His favourite part of the magazine has to be when he gets to use a crayon or pen to trace the numbers and letters, or do a maze/dot to dot puzzle.  This is excellent to help with their beginner writing skills in such a fun way, and a delight to see him happy when he has managed to copy the letter or number correctly.

This month’s edition also contains a wonderful Advent pull out calendar giving you a great alternative to a chocolate calendar with your little one.  Each month they never fail to include activity ideas for crafts or things to promote family activities together.


Lastly, we love to make the most of the magazine by cutting out all the photos of our favourite characters, and using them on plain paper to stick and craft new pictures – a great way to spend a rainy or cold afternoon together and fun too.

Truly one of the best children’s magazines on the market for education and value for money in my opinion.



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