Feel the fear and do it anyway – my Morrisons Women’s Glasgow 10km pre-run thoughts

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This Sunday I’m getting ready to do something out with my comfort zone for me – I’m running in the Morrisons Women’s Glasgow 10Km charity run and I’ve got the fear already.

I say it’s out with my comfort zone as I’m quite comfortable now with doing 5km charity races as within the past year 5km is my usual standard of run length when mixing up my workouts.  5km is something that I know is tough and requires mind power over body, but I can do it.  I always finish and finish now fairly well (under 30 mins is my best attempt so far to date).  But 10km – this is unmarked territory for me, and it scares the shizzle out of me.  Simply – I just don’t want to fail and think I have to give up before the finish line, as unlikely as that is.

I’ve been working hard at the gym, balancing weight training/cardio/personal training sessions, and so I know I’m in the best shape I have ever been in since starting back in January 2015.  But I’m not at my end goal of fitness; I’m not where I want to be yet and that makes me doubt myself.

This is all part of my May/June fitness goals this year, where I am taking part in two 5km charity races and this one 10km to raise money for The Miscarriage Association and Children with Cancer UK.  Both charities that mean something to me from my own experience and with people that I work with.  So the reason for doing this, and doing it well, is very much at the heart of my desires but it is still tough.

My hope is that for Sunday’s charity run I can do it comfortably (that magic word) and achieve it in under  1hr 30 mins.  This seems like such a long time when I know I can run a 5km race well, but guess I am genuinely concerned that it might be too much for me.

That being said I know that the fear is often worse than reality with most in life, and I’m proud of myself for taking the courage to sign up and give that big “10km” a go!  Who knows I might even enjoy it?

I look forward to sharing my outcome on the blog later next week

Love MFF xx


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