14 days to a Better You – Day 2

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Day 2 out of 14 and I’m feeling positive.

Not sore or anything from workout last night, but that is usually the case as I try to normally go to the gym twice a week if I can.  What motivates me going to the gym?  The £36 odd monthly fee 🙂  Yep – it’s THAT shallow….cos I think I might as well get healthier if I’m paying good shoes/bags/clothes/makeup money for it, right?!

Day 2 started with dropping little man off at my parents for daycare whilst I work all day, but managed to squeeze in a 45 min session at gym on way home before starting work.  My gym is about 10 mins from home, so it is ideal for a slight route change, PLUS it means I have done some exercise before it’s even 9am.  BOOOM!

Granted though going to the gym wasn’t possible during the days when I was on maternity leave, and I have a job that is flexible and I can work from home sometimes to allow early starts – all things in my life are very blessed.  But perhaps if you feel you are tired at night, try going first thing in the morning?  You never know, you might like it!

Food diary for today has been – Weetabix for breakfast @ 6am with little dude, Brown bread toast & strawberries (post gym session for energy), Mushrooms and 1 slice of bacon in a wrap for lunch, Steak and veg (with some skinny chips) for dinner.  Evening I need something to keep me going all night, so this will no doubt be something like toast again sadly.

I do note that I need to get some good veg soup into my system or get some more salad veg in there, and the only reason it isn’t is because there is none in the house today.  Plan for tonight or tomorrow is food shop slightly so that I can eat more balanced.

No major issues or temptations yet to report, which is good as I struggle with will power, so here’s to where we end up in a few more days.  I can do this 🙂  Feeling my energy is good, but because I feel I am doing my best efforts my spirits are positive.  It’s all good 🙂

Watch out at @mamafurfur for my daily rantings and watch here for my next post….

Love MFF xx

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