How to Start Your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Journey

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Are you fed up with each day feeling like you are going no-where and not achieving anything of worth?

When was the last time you took some time out of your day to develop new skills or a new way of thinking that could completely change the direction of your life?

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your Day Job” mamafurfur Jennifer Kempson motivational quotes #financialfreedom #motivational #personaldevelopment

In the typical day of a busy Parent, just how much of it do we actually spend learning or developing ourselves?

Honest answer is that probably you haven’t given it much thought since you were forced to learn each day at school – but it is that self-development that will make us great and offer more to ourselves and the world as a result.

What to be success and don’t have a clue where to start?

Start at the very beginning and centre of your world – we got to start with ourselves if we want to change or improve our world.

I want us all to be part of that top 5% SUCCESS achievers in the world, then we have to do things differently that most people.

// We have to make time for learning and improving ourselves

Daily habits shape where you end up so we need to start making it our Daily Habit to work on Personal Development.

Set aside 10-15 mins a day as a start and pick an area we want to work on.

Want to be fitter and healthier?

Set aside 15 mins a day for a walk or a small Weights Session at home.

Set aside 15 mins to meal plan all your meals and snacks during the day so you eat healthier.

Want to be an Entrepreneur?

Set aside 15 mins a day and watch Youtube videos that inspire you by some of the world’s greatest Entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn, and even go out and check out my Youtube channel for some inspiration.

Want to be a better Parent? Set aside 15 mins a day to play with your children or talk to them.

Want to learn a Language? Set aside 15 mins a day and start listening to a language Podcast or buy a Beginner learning book.

It is really that easy and simple, and we know this all ready.

There are only two choices between success and failure - Start or Stop - Mamafurfur Jennifer Kempson #motivationalquote #justdoit #success.

// Learn and Develop in New Ways and New Places

Pop on an inspiring Podcast in the Car – I particularly love listening to the Tim Ferriss Podcast, Oprah Winfrey Super Soul Sunday, Tony Robbins Podcast as examples of this.

Even better listen to an Audiobook on every journey to work and back where you can, perhaps even one from my top 30 Books that will Change Your Life blog post or 5 books to Start your Personal Development Journey list.

You don’t need to love reading to get the most out of a book and learn something new – and I am a huge fan of Audible app where you can get your audiobook fix once a month for the price of your monthly fee.

Listen to an inspiring talk or book in the Shower whilst you are getting ready for work – simply pick up a Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker like this one online and away you go.

Put those 5 mins of personal time to a new use.

Turn your Commute into your own personal University – once you start, you won’t be able to go back to listening to Music or the Radio.

This surely changes your habits and so easy to do each day if you get a chance to.

No time without the kids?

Pop on a book or Podcast whilst you are making the meals each day and you can easily get through a book within a few weeks too.

Listening to the Audio version of a great book is also wonderful for making sure the information sticks into your brain in a different way.

Use as many different senses as you can to get the information in there.

// Purchase a dedicated Personal Development Journal.

Use a Journal to write down your promptings and learning as you read, as although we all might have great memories in the moment – inspiration can happen and we don’t want to miss out on any one in a lifetime ideas that come along.

I also like to use my Personal Development Journal to list my Happiness Habits of Gratitude each day, one of my Happiness Habits that I talk about, and record 3-5 aspects of my life I am thankful for in particular.

This is the exact Journal I use if you would like your own copy too.

If you start by being thankful for what you have already achieved in life, you start to see that world rewards your positive outlook with even more. Be thankful for food on the table, a roof over your head – start small and then the picture gets more beautiful with each day.

How to Start Your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Journey #personaldevelopment #motivational #inspiring #entrepreneur

// Cultivate Happiness Habits each day

Daily Habits change your life, and bad habits can set a course of outcome too so it is vitally important to look after daily habits and actions and with small steps you can change your course completely.

Add in more things that make you happy each day.

Take some exercise, Read a Good Book, Take Time Away from electronics and Try and Meditate, Write in your journal, Work on a Passion Project on the side that makes you happy.

All these have positive ripple effects on the rest of your day when you take time to make sure they happen once in that 24 hour time period.

And others will start to notice that YOU are happier too.

A great book all about these happiness habits is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari for inspiration further.

// Start a Passion Side Business

There is no better way of forcing yourself to develop that starting a business and helping others.

Think of a way you could help others, perhaps with a Blog talking about your lifestyle or type of work you enjoy, perhaps even a Youtube channel to help others in some way – or maybe even you want to sell a homemade craft you do. Anything at all but if we try to help others outside of our day job there is no end to the possibilities of where it could take us.

Maybe that next great business idea is right in front of your nose.

Stuck for ideas on a side business to try?

Check out my Work from Home ideas that I have tried and tested.

// Make time for Fun

Put time in your diary this week for personal development to read and learn BUT ABSOLUTELY schedule fun time with yourself and your family as a priority too.

We only get one chance at this life so make sure you enjoy every moment of it and with the people who matter the most to you.

Want to meet more people you care about?

Now is the time to develop out your comfort zone and join a group or society to make some new friends and favourite people.

The World is UNLIMITED in options here – We just need to go out and seek it!

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