Our Lifetime in Movies…..

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Our little living room is a special place.

It’s a Living room come playroom, lounge, dining room, entertainment area, music room come Private Cinema.  Husband worked hard last year and managed to purchase himself a Projector and screen for us all to get that “at home cinema” experience.

It really is the shizzle…and nothing I like more than getting cosy on the couch and watching some movies with him on the Big Screen.  OUR Big screen.  No one making noises round us, no paying £15 odd for a ticket to see it either!

And we came up with an interesting idea of how to balance our love of films, and more precisely GREAT FILMS.  Don’t want to waste time watching rubbish ones 🙂

And so we came up with going from our year of birth right up to Modern day, one “classic” movie neither of us has seen for each year.  The movie had to be out in the cinema that precise year, and so the fun begin officially last night with my husband’s birth year of 1979…..and…..Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Never seen this one before, but I do love the sarcastic humour of Monty Python. My Dad adored them when he was in his twenties and all through the years, and nothing I like more than dropping in a few Monty Python quotes when I can.  “It’s only a flesh wound” after all……..

Let’s see what 1980 will bring then….

Love MFF xx

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