14 days to a Better Me – Part 2 begins…

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It’s 14 short days until my next fitness challenge of running a 5k in Glasgow in aid of SAMH during JogScotland, alongside my husband.

14 short days and I am ready to give it another full steam ahead go at being healthier with my eating and lifestyle to see what improvement I can make.

Another major reason is in recent weeks I have been drawn to view films about healthy eating, and it really has changed my view point on many foods.  For example, I have read and watched a lot of information on the benefits of juicing and also that we are short of many nutrients each day in our culture.  I suffer from low iron naturally, and wondered if that might help me balance out my energy each day if I looked at juices and giving myself a healthier kick start each day.

My attitude towards food has shifted to, in that chocolate and “unhealthy” processed foods make me think twice now.  I try to avoid them and cut out bad stuff, where I can find an alternative.  Our kitchen cupboards are now stocked with far less rubbish foods, and have more options such as Quinao and couscous to try and make meals different each day.  And here is the thing – I am actually enjoying feeding my family better foods too.

Here is another motivation for me – and the major one really.

 I want my family to be healthier and happier.  Simple.

Right now it is nearly 1am in the morning. I have the start of my working week ahead of me. That means a likely 6am wake up call from little dude, followed by breakfast for him and I, then dressing him and I, then off to work for 7.15am sharp.  That is quite a tight schedule and to wake up strictly each day can be challenging and leads to sometimes not the best version of me I can be.

Husband and I usually end up waking up tired each day at the 6am or 7am mark.  Tonight he shared that he didn’t feel satisfied with his sleep, and wakes up not ready for the day in other words.  This isn’t just a one -off but a common thought for him.  We go to work or watch kids all day, and we are tired, we then come home tired, we then go into vegetation mode sometimes because we are tired.  I don’t want to live for the weekends to regain my energy any longer.  I’m taking back my health people! And my families health!

So for 14 days, we are all going to improve these points

  • Get more sleep

Going to start this one very easily, but by going to bed say 30 mins earlier each night perhaps this will help us feel more alive each morning and refreshed

  • Exercise more

Simple getting out and moving or staying in and moving.  Whichever comes first.  I am also going to wear a FitBit to track my steps each day for 14 days to compare.

  • Reflect and be thankful

Meditation is generally regarded as a powerful positive mental tool, and if that doesn’t work then simply being thankful each night on the good stuff that has happened may make a change.

  • Eat better

Lots of more good food and less rubbish coming our way!

  • Drink better

Juices, smoothies, water, less rubbish and sugar drinks.  Easy

  • Take back our free time 

Detox from digital life – turn off the electronics for more of the time each day.  This might be tricky, but will see how this goes.  It surely can’t be that hard to say no to Twitter?!


Monday 22nd July starts our 14 days to a Better Me/Family and I look forward to tracking our progress and sharing it with you along the way…

Love MFF xx

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