Let’s get physical!

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It’s January therefore it is the obligatory time of year to try and get fit and lose some weight.  So in the immortal words of Olivia Newton John, “Let’s get Physical!”.

Now for me, I’m hoping to lose between 7-14lbs at the most and tone up, cut out rubbish foods, drink less rubbish drinks etc etc.  Don’t want to get too tiny but just enough so that I feel back to my usual shape before baby boy appeared in the world.

Husband also wants to get into better shape, so what better way than to do it together?  And what even better way than to use the blog to keep us motivated?

Along with my goal to improve my fitness, I’m also shaping up what we eat.  I’m making more and more things from scratch and trying to avoid supermarket versions where I can make my own (within reason of course).  So that means learning how to make bread, how to make ketchup (perhaps), how to make good old fashioned food.  We won’t go hungry for sure!

Here is what I’m aiming for over the next few weeks to have a weekly schedule that I will keep for the next 8 weeks at least:

“Move it” Monday – HIIT Training before work 6am & Kettle Bell strength training post work

“Toughen Up” Tuesday – Kettle Bell HIIT session post work

“Wild Workout” Wednesday – Personal Training session after work 7.30pm with my sister

“Thoughtful” Thursday – Rest day

“Fit” Friday – HIIT training OR Gym session before work 6am & Kettle Bell strength training post work

“Supper”  Saturday – Rest day

“Slow Down” Sunday – Family activity day (either walking, outside or going for a run)


Food & Drink Goals

  • Learn to make more of our family food from scratch
  • Save money on our weekly food bill
  • Limit my caffeine intake each day and replace with water
  • Resist rubbish food and replace with better options
  • Try new foods

What helps you feel motivated when you set yourself a fitness or lifestyle challenge?  Do you enjoy following others on Twitter or Instagram and seeing their progress?

Why not follow me and my family as we make a change by clicking on @mamafurfur on Twitter & Instagram?

Lots of hard work in store but worth it!

Love MFF xx

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