The Date has been set – Now what?

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If you have been following my recent blog and vlog updates, you will know that I’m edging my way towards the end of my second full term pregnancy, and yesterday I had the consultant appointment to set the date of arrival.

Having an elective C-Section with any pregnancy is a choice as always, and due to my first child being Breech planned section, this time around I was given the choice to “push” or have a section again.  For me, I would love to think I would have the guts to go natural for this time around, but I’ve taken the opportunity of knowing when and how my baby will arrive into the world once more.

And so the date has been set – Friday 15th July, or my week 39 of pregnancy – our new baby will arrive, unless nature decides it is time before then of course!  The countdown has officially begun in terms of knowing I’m in the final few weeks of pregnancy and also the final few weeks of our household being a one child domain mainly.


I’m lucky enough to have started maternity leave already in the past week, so in terms of balancing work and life – my daily tasks really revolve solely around my toddler, husband and me which is a luxury.  Everything is much harder the closer you get to that 40 week due date mark, and daily routines involve far more grunting and deeper breathes than my normal self experiences.  Everything is just tough work, but I mean purely physically.  If you drop something on the ground, you do the three second “is it worth picking it up really?” check.  Half the time getting down to ground and back up causes me to need a sit down for half an hour just to rest :O)…..this is where the body really feels like it is working for two and I will be glad when it is over as sad as that sounds.

This pregnancy my baby is lying in normal head down position, so it has felt different from my first.  I haven’t experienced the same “internal organs squeeze” where I would be short of breath all the time with my first, and the baby seems to be all bump at the front and smaller.  Every pregnancy is different we know, but I guess I have really noticed that to be the case.  I’ve been able to rock out normal life pretty much as normal, expect now in the final weeks I am definitely more exhausted by normal routine and long for my bed post toddler night time at 7pm.

What I will look forward to though over the next few weeks before baby is getting all the little things sorted for the new arrival, the clothes sorting, the room prep, and spending time just enjoying the last moments of pregnancy in whatever form they take.  After all this is a gift of motherhood, that not everyone gets to experience in life, and therefore should be treated as much as possible as part of a journey.

Love MFF xx

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