Family Kindness Elves : 2nd December

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Today’s daily task was to “Learn Something New…” and strictly speaking my chosen task isn’t a brand new skill for me, but rather one that I learnt a few years ago and found tough but enjoyed at the time.  Time and life meant that I had completely forgotten how to do it, so with hook and yarn in hand….Tonight I got back the basics of Crochet.

I am always inspired when I see people knitting or crocheting items to give to Premature babies or children in hospital, and thought that this would hopefully be something I could learn plus a new hobby too.

Finding a wonderful Youtube tutorial by Happy Berry Crochet below, I used her process exactly with great results.

After a few goes at starting the hat, and a few repeat lines….here is my attempt so far with at least about 7 length lines to go.  I have chosen a 5.5 hook as that is all I had in the house, plus some simple white wool I had.


I loved this tonight, and even Husband dear knows the basics of crocheting after watching the tutorial over and over again with me (without a single complaint).

I really hope to finish up this little hat for a Premature baby over the next few days, knowing that learning something new will be of use to someone (with apologies of the quality of work of this beginner).

Every day is a school day, and this Kindness Daily Challenge was a treat!

Love MFF xx

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