8 APPS TO MAKE MONEY – How to make money from your phone in 2020

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8 Apps to make money - How to make money from your phone in 2020 UKIn this post, I’m excited to share with you 8 Apps to make money from your phone and I’ve broken them down into two types of money making categories.
If you are looking for some additional income quickly, then most of these apps allow you to give
up a few hours of your time per week to make a nice little side income.
You could be looking for extra income to pay off debt, save up for the next holiday or increase your investments in a simple way every month – and I know that some of these apps will allow you to do just that in a relatively easy way.
All require some level of detail and commitment with your time every week to be successful, and like all good working from home or online ideas – the more effort you put in the greater the rewards.
Here are my favourites for you to enjoy in the UK, specifically updated for 2020.

4 Apps to Make Money from your Phone that require a few hours a week


JobSpotter works by asking you to take photos of job advertisements in windows of businesses/local areas and submit them via the app.
Points are then awarded based on how unique the job is and essentially how difficult it was to find the advertisement.
Smaller businesses earn more points that larger companies due to the uniqueness of the smaller companies and less opportunities for their jobs to be posted.
Your earned job points can be exchanged for Amazon Vouchers with the average is around £20-50 a month if you find a few jobs a week.


The Voxpopme app pays you for offering your opinion on a range of subjects.
Simply upload a one-minute video of you talking about the subjects offered to you and you will earn 25p for each video approved.
The app offers Paypal payments, but you have to earn a minimum of £10 before you can cash out.
Suggestions that it can take a month to earn such an amount, however if you make a commitment to regularly check the app every day and complete a few in your free time – this quickly can add up.


Swagbucks pays it’s app users for completing tasks they’d likely already be doing on the internet and this can be a wide range of tasks.
For example, You can earn points (or Swagbucks as they are called) by making web searches, watching videos or completing surveys.
The quickest way to earn Swagbucks for free appeared to be filling out surveys although as you can expect this will require your demographic information matching the requirements for surveys.
Expect £5-10 a month using app for about 10-15 mins a day.


The BeMyEye app pays you to carry out quick and simple market research via your mobile in your local area and works with some major well-known brands generally such as Coca-Cola, Nestle and Heineken to name a few.

When you are using the app, the job tasks you could be asked to complete for money range from browsing shoe shops, interviewing shop managers about coffee consumption and sending photos of how razor blades are displayed in a pharmacy for example.
Really there is no set pattern for the jobs you will be asked to carry out, however they all will have the feel of market research if you are confident to ask the employers their opinion and look for certain items in your local area.
BeMyEye typically pays £1-£10 per task, depending on the difficulty.
Tasks can take up to 1 hour to complete, so be aware before agreeing to a task.
In some cases you may be asked to buy products and reclaim the cost, so make sure you keep hold of any receipts. Payment can take three to four days.
Jobs are snapped up fairly quickly, so consider turning on notifications on your phone so you get alerts as they’re issued to ensure you can pick up the first available in your area that you are confident you can complete in time.
Typically £20-30 a month if you use it regularly on your time off to attend tasks locally.
Your earnings are paid via Paypal or bank transfer, with most jobs worth usually £3-£10 each for that average of 20-30 minutes work.
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4 Apps to make money back on your online shopping

We have touched upon apps that allow you to earn extra money in your spare time using your phone, but how about using your phone to bring back your money to your pocket during your normal shopping.

These are my favourite four apps that allow you to do just that in the UK.


This is a mobile shopping service that includes couponing and promotion, which allows brands to send targeted coupons to mobile user.
Shopmium works by giving you a rebate on your shopping essentially, and once you’re registered with Shopmium you can start getting your cashback – we like that alot!
Once you browse through the offers and spot something you want to buy, all you need to do is take a picture of your receipt along with a picture of the item to then claim back on the app your cashback amounts.
You can also do the same with their voucher money back codes.
Simple and straightforward to use when you are doing your local shopping, and a firm favourite for many looking to take advantage of the “coupon culture” that is coming our way in the UK.

Shopprize (Android only)

In a similar way to Shopmium, this app for Andriod users only works by having you scan photos of your shopping with Shopprize and save up points which you can swap for Amazon vouchers or use them for daily sweepstakes and giveaways.

It doesn’t take too long to collect points but you’re only able to put 5 receipts through a day.
A great little app is you are looking for an easy way to use your shopping receipts towards potential prizes and slowly building up points for perhaps using vouchers for Christmas and other yearly expenses.

TopCashBack and Quidco

Two of my firm favourite cashback and offer sites that I use on my phone and on my computer most week are TopCashBack and Quidco.

These are also the most popular and well-known cash back sites in the UK currently and for good reason.

Easy to use and request your cashback, you log onto their apps before you go to your online shopping store or the local store they are working with.

You then have your IP tracked and they will give you moneyback as a fixed amount for your shop or as a percentage of your shopping.

Ideal for larger yearly bills, as a family we make nearly £200 from Topcash back for doing our annual car & pet insurance claims, booking our family holidays alone and we left the money there to cash out as E-cards for christmas.

You can cash out as bank payment directly but get a boost on the money if you use E-cards instead such as Amazon, food shopping cards etc.

Download this on your laptop/computer too and by default search it first – all adds up.

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