How much do Youtubers Make UK? 5 ways I make money every month from Youtube

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How to make money from Youtube UK - Side Hustle IncomesCan you still make money from Youtube channel in the UK?

How much money do you make per views and subscribers?

Here is how I make 4 figures every month from Youtube, and continues to grow every month, even though I’m considered a small Youtuber currently (under 100k subscribers).

How did I start my Youtube channel?

I started my channel back in 2018 as a fun project on the side to share my knowledge of finance and investing that I had picked up myself over a few years.

I found that there was limited knowledge about finance and investing from a UK prospective in particular – there just seemed endless although great US based channels – and I wanted to help people and change that.

My struggle with money had come from being in £24k worth of credit card debt and desperately wanted to know better ways to manage our money and through endless books I realised that more had to be given to others in order for them to make better money choices too.

You can find my channel over at and I would love if you would follow me on my Youtube journey too!

Here is one of my most popular videos – An introduction to the Stock Market – that receives currently over 10k views a month even though I made it back in 2018 and gains my channel roughly 200-400 new subscribers every month:

There are over 1.9 billion registered users of Youtube over the world, and every day over 500 hours of new videos are loaded by the millions of Youtube channels around the world.

So how much do some of the biggest creators on Youtube currently earn?

According to the most recent 2019 statistics, the breakdown of earnings for some of the biggest stars in Youtube was:

Interesting enough, although most are US based in the top listing – the British Minecraft & Gaming Content Creator DanTDM has stolen one of the top 10 spots.

In most cases these channels have been around for a number of years, simply starting out with a camera, a passion and building their audience over long periods of time – but as you can see from the amounts of money that there total content brings them it is a serious industry if people wish to make long term income from their passions online.

How do I make money on Youtube?

Making money from Youtube varies dramatically per channel, as there is a few key ways that you can turn your channel into incomes streams.

The amazing thing about Youtube is that most of the income can be seen as PASSIVE – that means that once you create the item or video you then receive income from that video or linked products without you having to do any further work.

This is why I believe Youtube is ideal for anyone who has a talent or skill to share with others, and confident enough to give it a go in front of a camera.

Here are the ways that I currently earn money from my youtube channel, and the most common ways generally creators earn money in the UK:

Youtube Adsense/Monetization Youtube Partner Program

Once you have gained over 1000 subscribers to your channel and you have achieved 4000 hours of viewers watch time in 12 months (this is the amount of time people have spent watching your channel in total), then you can apply to be part of Youtube’s Partner Program.

Essentially this means that with your permission, advertisers may place small videos for their products automatically before your video plays at the start OR during the video.

The channel owner gets 55% of the revenue generated from them.

How much that equates to depends enormously on your audience location, total size of audience per month, the topics you are creating videos about and how popular they are with advertisers.

However, roughly speaking, it works out to £2-£8 per 1,000 viewer engagements.

In my case though, as my chosen topic of money and investing is a sought after topic from advertisers who believe their products would suit my audience, generally I can receive between £11-18 per 1000 views per month which is very high indeed.

This means that my number of total views, or monetized views, needs to be lower to allow me to still bring back 4 figures every month.

Currently as I write this post I receive between £900-£1200 every month from Adsense revenue alone, and this continues to increase every month usually between 10-15%.

You can hear me break down my income from Youtube every month and show you my Youtube Channel Analytics on my “Budget with Me” series over on the channel too:

Sponsored videos/Collaborations with companies

The Advertising Standards Authority has published detailed guidance for social influencers that we must follow if we do wish to have content sponsored by companies on our channel, and certainly having sponsored products or videos is a very popular way for Youtube creators to earn money.

Usually it is far more than Advertising Adsense review every month, as companies working directly with you will tend and expect to pay higher for your viewers exclusively on a video that can be watched many times over.

Sponsored videos and content mean that a company has approached you and wish you to feature their product exclusively on a video, or mention it to your viewers.

Sometimes the company will ask to set out the exact script and wording when mentioning their product, and sometimes it will be completely left to the creator to decide how to mention it.

Most companies are willing to pay around £100-500 per 10,000 subscribers to your channel ALTHOUGH sponsorship deals naturally can vary dramatically based on the products you wish to mention and the demand for your channel.

Affiliate products

If your videos feature any products you use and love, in most cases you can earn money by sending your viewers to buy them on Amazon, ebay or any number of stores via an affiliate URL link in your description of the video or through your website.

An affiliate link is a specially created exclusive direct link to a product that shows that the buyer has come from your website or video, and then as a “thank you” for sending customers to them they will pay you a fee.

The fee can be per customer sale or customer action and vary again dramatically.

I use this type of income when I recommend products such as:

Etoro – My favourite Investment platform for purchasing stocks and shares

Bulb – Our energy provider who I mention during some of my Budgeting videos.

There are many affiliate programs out there to join, and even affiliate networks that allow you to look through a vast amount of affiliate programs for products and services that could allow you to earn an income from recommending products to your viewers that you love.

Generally I can make between £50-500 a month on affiliate sales.

My own Products and Books

This is one area where really the limit you can create for income is limitless.

I am a huge fan of passive income products where you create a product once and then people can buy it multiple times without any further interaction from you.

This is where Courses, E-books and digital products are ideal.

In my case, I have created a book called “The Master Money Blueprint” around a year ago where I share my 26 principles around money and success mindset that I believe will really help people progress with their financial situation and abundance.

I also have a popular digital product for Budgeting and financial planning called AutoPilot Money Spreadsheets which I created a year ago aswell, that allows people to budget, create sinking funds, pay off debt quickly – and that one digital product available on my Etsy store has made us over £6000 in income to date selling over 600+ copies at time of writing.

My digital products and books bring around £500-700 every month for income for us which is excellent and as they are passive mean that I do not have to do further work outside of youtube to create that money.

My focus for this year further will be to create more digital products in terms of spreadsheets and books, to help others in many more ways with their finances.

Youtube Channel Merchandise

Once you’ve built around 10,000 subscribers to your channel in the UK, you can start selling merchandise on the platform directly through TeeSpring – t-shirts, hats, mugs and so on.

You can find out how to set this up here in this great video:

This might not be a huge income source for a channel, but your fans will love the option to buy and show their support with a tshirt, mug or even phone case.

Generally on my channel I find my income from this is low – roughly £20-50 a month – but love having the option for my viewers to support and wear my channel logo during their daily lives.

How do you pay tax on your Youtube Income?

If your earnings are below £1,000 then it is covered by your annual trading allowance (please note for high tax payers the amount is £500).

If you do not earn over £80 a month roughly total from your Youtube channel outside of your day job then you do not need to declare the income to HMRC.

However, anything above that allowance you will then need to register as self employed and fill out a self-assessment tax return deducting the £1000/£500 allowance.

Find out more about paying tax on YouTube earnings on the HMRC website.

I would recommend starting even a basic accounts book or spreadsheet for your Youtube channel so that if you do make over £1000 a year, you are prepared to submit that self-assessment every year.

Be sure to keep track of any business expenses and receipts for submitting too!

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