11 Free Life Hacks that will change your life for the better

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The best things in life are FREE, but do we realise all the wonderful freedoms we have that could actually better our lives by making them a new habit?

These 11 Life Hacks I believe can change your life in ways you can’t imagine, so give them a go today and see the power yourself.

// Get a Library Card and Use it

Working on yourself more than you do on your day job will change you.  Fact.

You don’t need to be rich or pay to go to fancy Business Seminars to be smart enough or know enough to start your own business, or work towards being financial free and secure.

You just need a library card and to use it.

If you haven’t got one – Sign up for one!

Most libraries even allow you to even “borrow” audio book versions of most of their collection, reserve books online and have access to the latest magazines through the simply click of a button and your library card number.

Stuck for Ideas on what to read?  Check out my post about the 30 Books that will change your life as a great starting point.

30 Books that will change your Life ¦ Mamafurfur ¦ Inspirational Books

// Change one snack to a piece of Fruit

The old saying “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” was created for a reason, and the reason being that we know good food choices makes us healthier, full of energy and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Fight off those colds and fatigue as best as you can by switching one of your snacks to more fruit.

You will get the nutrients and goodness that you need, and feel good about your eating habits.

This simple daily habit of switching snack could even help you work towards any weight loss goals (Average shop bought snack around 200 calories moving to fruit saves around 100-150 calories).

Plus you will stay fuller for longer too as your body takes time to digest the fruit slower than any shop bought snack full of bad stuff.

// Get up and go for a walk each day

Daily exercise will not only change your mood and get some good old fresh air into your system – but the daily habit of walking alone will help you work easily towards those physical and health goals.

Also gives you the perfect time to contemplate the world around you, without the distractions of our busy homes and lives.

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// Listen to some uplifting music

One of my favourite things to do is booging round the house, and even better to do it first thing in the morning to get the blood pumping.

Ever noticed how whenever music comes on babies and small children just can’t help but smile and move their bodies along?

Create your favourite uplifting music playlist for those times where you just want to enjoy it all and let loose.

Bust those moves for instant happiness!

// Sit peaceful for 5 minutes or even better try to Meditate

Our lives are a constant surge of information and consuming – whether it be the forms of media and information we allow into our homes such as Television or Internet, but also usually some form of responsibilities and people needing us (particular as a busy parent).

Taking a few moments to sit still, eyes closed, and focusing only on your breathe will start the easy process of meditating.

Meditation is often regarded as the simple life skill that changes how you feel in an instant, so take time to see if you can feel better with it too.

Particularly in the moments when you feel overwhelmed or stressed about something – instead of getting frustrated try to sit quickly and breathe, and see if that helps the emotions disappear.

// Do a Random Act of Kindness

Do unto others as we would have unto ourselves is a phrase as old as time – and there is even a whole moment (The Random Act of Kindness Foundation) with the sole purpose of encouraging others to do small acts of kindness to each other when they can.

There is even a National Kindness Day!

We all know it feels wonderful for us when we help others, so during your day look for opportunities to do something nice for others and watch your happiness and appreciation grow.

// Thank Someone for being part of your life

Another simple one here but taking time to thank people we love or appreciate will mean you never regret not telling them how you feel when it isn’t possible.

Take time to send a quick text or email to say thank you to someone, or even better still use good old fashioned pen and paper to send a card.

The power of the written word means someone took time to really think of you, and appreciate you in their life.

By thanking others, we really are appreciating all the people we have in our life that make it better for being there.

// Write down 3 things you are Grateful for each morning

When you are grateful for what you have already, the world seems to open up even more to you.

It is hard to be down on yourself or your world when you start your day remembering all the good things you have right now.

Is it the fact you have a warm lovely bed to sleep in?

That you live in a safe part of the world and can be whatever you want to be?

Thankful for your health or your family’s health?

Anything at all – before your feet touch the ground each morning – take time to write or in your mind list three things minimum you are thankful in the world around you.

Perhaps even start creating a Journal for your gratitude so you can look back on it if you ever forget when you are unhappy or stressed?

Watch and see if that list doesn’t start becoming your favourite part of the day.

// Start a Facebook group in your passion area

We all long to be part of a community of people who “get us” or part of something greater.

Why not start a facebook or social media group for your particular passion in life, and make some new friends?

Completely free of course, and usually takes about 10-15 mins to set up and start inviting people you know to it – and then enjoy the process of sharing and learning together.

// Meal Plan for the week ahead

Meal planning isn’t just when you need to save money – it will make you healthier and happier!

How to meal plan for the week ahead without any stress #mealplanning #debtfree #budgeting

What we eat and drink to fuel our bodies changes how we feel about ourselves but also how much energy you have to fully enjoy your day ahead.

Taking time to plan what you will eat will also help you achieve your fitness and health goals, but create a little pocket of excitement of what you can look forward to eating too.

Start small – think of just each Evening meal you would like this week and perhaps even pick your favourite healthy ones.

Write it down, check what you have in your fridge and cupboards, top up shop if you need to, even prep ahead and cook up some of those meals and store them in the freezer for later – this truly is up to you how you do it.

Free of charge way to make you feel good about your health knowing you are planning ahead.

Need help with it or want to see how my family does it? Check out my blog post all about it.

How to meal plan simple and easy meal plan tips hacks #mealplan #budgeting #debtfree #familyfood #cookingtips

// Create a budget

Whether we like it or not, money and the stress of not having enough money affects how we all feel each day.

When you have more than enough money for what you require each month, then you feel a sense of freedom and security.

Completely free of charge way of helping you in this area of course is to budget your monthly incoming and outgoings – making sure the books balance and you use it as wisely as you can.

Set time aside to budget for the things that truly matter, work your way out of any debt as fast as you can, and see what financial goals you can achieve.

Download free workbook 7 Day AutoPilot Money Challenge


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11 Free life hacks that will change your life #lifehacks #debtfree #liveyourbestlife #goals



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