How to Manifest More Money – 6 Uncommon ways to Manifest Money Fast

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6 uncommon ways to manifest more money how to manifest money money and law of attractionHow to manifest more money in your life when you feel like there is a great lack around you is one of the greatest mindset tools you can open in your life.

Money and the Law of Attraction are definitely two topics that you see most commonly asked and sought after practical advice but just how can we truly use the power of our thoughts to shape our financial future ahead.

If you have ever heard of The Secret Movie or in book format , you will be aware of the concept of the Law of Attraction.

Money and the Law of Attraction

In summary this Universal law of the world means that whatever we focus on we attract back in our lives, so when we choose to focus on positive outcomes we would like to see happen and remove the doubt or fear as reasons why we can’t have it – then we will receive it in our lives.

Although the film sparked very much a generation with excitement that a new concept had been discovered, putting into practice how to reprogram your mind into focusing on what you truly want to experience (including in your finances) takes time and effort.

What is The Secret to Attracting Money?

In this post I’m going to break down for you six uncommon ways that I have practiced in the past and still use today that allow me to manifest and focus on more money in our lives, so that we can experience more of the good things we wish.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme but I know that the below daily habits and mindset prompts really can change the mindset you have around money, changing your relationship in this one area of your life for good.

The secret to attracting money is really down to how you view it as a source of abundance unlimited in your life, and often this is one of the first mindset changes that need to happen for money to quickly and effortlessly show in our lives when we wish it.

If we have a lack mindset, that money is in scarce supply and that money is a struggle to keep or get a hold of, that is what we will magnify and attract more of.

By changing that one default feeling of lack to seeing the abundance and prosperity of money instead, we can open up manifesting money with ease.

How to Manifest More Money

I put my change in mindset and ultimately bringing more money into our lives at specific times when I have focused on the belief that money is something I can control rather than becoming a slave to where and when it appears in our lives.

Money is simple a physical form of energy or value in that you require another person to make a connection with you in order for it to have any value.

In the past we have faced what seemed like a huge mountain of consumer debt (£24,000 to be exact) and it wasn’t until I came to the problem from the angle that indeed we could solve this and solve it quickly – that money started to flow to us very much to solve that mindset problem we had that lack and difficulty were part of having or trying to hold onto money overall.

You can read about our journey with debt here.

If you are similar to us that you are struggling with debt right now, I know personally that these methods to retrain your mindset really do help and this blog can help you with your confidence to try them.

You can also find a number of my posts and Youtube Videos here that might be very useful:

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Here are the 6 uncommon methods that I recommend using if you are new to the concept of money abundance in your life:

Method 1 – Track your money

Everything that we record, track or measure we can improve and I always start with a basic money tracking task if I’m in any doubt with our abundance of cash flow in our life.

You can do this similarly by having a small notebook, ideally small enough to fit into your bag or pocket, where you write down every single money transaction that happens every day ideally for a minimum of 7 days.

Every time money is spent whether cash or on card we record it with the:

Date; Description of the item bought and exact amount spent.

You do not judge what you spend your money on, you only record it through good old fashioned pen and paper.

We also record anytime money comes to us in the form of gift, services or found on the street even!

Every penny is noted and loved.

The purpose of this over the short period of time, and you can even do it for up to a month at a time if you wish, is to look back on our recordings and see a very clear picture of how our money is being used.

Don’t have enough money to overpay your debts every month?  Checking the notebook shows we are spending more on takeaways that we thought.

And so with that breakdown of money you can then start on a new page for the next week and plan how you want your money to be spent.

Include in it your IDEAL spending if money was to come to you in extra forms, going about your daily life.

This particular tool of tracking our money, particularly when we see how much money comes our way unexpected every week, allows us to tap into the potential that more money is possible than perhaps we had previously assumed.

Method 2 – Journaling with a “Spending Challenge” every morning

This method of imagination with your money that could come our way is from the great Law of Attraction book “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Every morning in a journal or small notebook, start with an amount that would be lovely and feels right if it was to come your way suddenly you would do special things with it for yourself and other people.

You do this method for a minimum of seven days straight again, increasing the amount you have to spend on this imaginary process every day starting at £1000 right up to £7000 on the last day.

For example on Day 1 in your journal you would write – £1000 and then list exactly how you would spend it breaking down the exact costs for everything until the amount was fully spent.

This starts to open up again your imagination that money can appear in your life at any moment, but also you are giving new amounts of money a purpose to better yourself and others.

It can be as simple as donating the full amount to a charity, but really encourage using it to make your own life better (treat yourself to something wonderful to eat, or somewhere wonderful to go for example).

Allow the good feelings of abundance and happiness to start your day in a fun manifesting way!

Method 3 – Gratitude for what you have right now

Gratitude is the start of everything.

With a thankful nature towards every aspect of your life right now, then more of the same starts to show up.

In a similar way to our spending challenges, you can add in an aspect of Gratitude journaling to your daily morning routine to great effect with the focus on money.

Begin by looking at all the things in your home around you that you have purchased before and the joy they give you now.

Think of all the people involved to ensure you had that item in your home to use, and the good you do with it.

If something catches your eye that doesn’t fill you with joy, perhaps that is the prompt to sell or pass it onto someone else who would love it more.

Start each day with five items you are thankful that your money has brought you, watching for money to increase to buy more of the things you love of a similar nature.

Method 4 – Treat money with respect in your purse and home.

Like our health, energy and relationships with others, how you treat your money physically also can have an effect on how much you manifest in your own life.

Have you taken time recently to clear out your wallet and show respect for the money already there?

Is it overfilled with receipts of past purchases or overstuffed with credit and consumer points cards?

By simplifying how you carry and treat the money you have right now, we reaffirm in our mind and to the universe that money is important and will be looked after well in our care.

Always aim to carry with you physical money in some form, notes ideally, so that every time you open your wallet you can be reminded that you have cash available to you.

You don’t need to spend it – only that it is there and your brain will think first of all “I have money” rather than see the lack in your wallet instead even if you have a cash card with plenty available.

Physical money and having it on you at all times is key here!

Method 5 – Freely give to receive

Sometimes the missing link in our money mindset is based around lack again in another form – the need to hold onto it tightly and not give it away in case we might need it.

That is where the ability to freely give to others and when we feel prompted should be one of the first areas we look at when wanting to manifest more money.

By giving away small portions of our money that comes our way, we open up that full cycle of then to receive more back into our world.

There is a wonderful quote by the Prosperity Author Catherine Ponder who said that what we give away we receive back in ten fold, and that certainly seems to be very much the case.

Start small as you build up, aiming if you can for a small portion of your money every month given to people you feel inspired to help or causes you support and watch as the money flows back to you in even larger amounts.

We sometimes think that this giving nature is only possible when we are “rich enough” but it is very much the case that we are unlikely to feel rich unless we practice this characteristic long before it might arrive.

Method 6 – Set clear money goals and visualise them happening

You will often hear when others discuss the Law of Attraction that the key is when we regularly associate our goal or ideal money lifestyle with happy emotions.

It is the switch from feeling bad about money to a positive hopeful one that we become the person who can have that money in their life.

A great way to do this is to use savings visual aid to show your progress along the way as you work towards extra money manifesting in your life.

Make a very clear exact amount money goal that you believe will allow you to do certain things in the next months or years ahead, and then create that visual tool to celebrate the small steps along the way and money that appears to you to strengthen your mindset that you are manifesting money in your life effortlessly.

I have created a wonderful FREE Savings goal visual aid here on my store if you would like to use it too.

With the visual aid, see yourself in full possession easily and effortlessly of the amount you desire and also picture in your mind the outcome of spending the money and how your life will change.

Your mind is a powerful tool combined with visual aids towards manifesting more money in your life, and using this aid in particular will have great effect as you colour in/score off the sections as money appears.

How to manifest money fast

If you are looking for a speedy money situation to be resolved in your life, which we all probably have experienced at one point or another, then one of the greatest tools will be to try and remember that in the past all of your financial situations have been met or covered even if they felt at the very last moment.

Our needs are always met, and our true needs at that, and whether it be the Law of Attraction you believe and focus on or not we know that as soon as we set any goal to achieve or correct a money issue that we are experiencing money will show up in due course.

Move away from the urgency with money and it will start to flow effortlessly in your life.

You can do this with affirmations and even guided meditations.

Money affirmations that work fast that you can try today

We have mentioned that it is necessary to reprogram the subconscious money patterns previously believed in our life in order to open up more money effortlessly.

One way to do this is to use money affirmations to reprogram your previous mindset.

Affirmations are simply true statements that we say to ourselves or out-loud so that we can start to remember what is really true rather than the previous mindset of lack or hardship with money.

Here are some of my favourites you can use, and ideally every day say them a few times a day for at least 7 days in a row:

Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways. I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking. I am worthy of making more money. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.

All the riches and money that are perfect and good for me begin to come my way in a perfect way.

Every day money flows easily and abundantly to me in multiple streams of income, allowing me to great my greatest perfect life ahead filled with goodness.

I am excited and happy to receive money in perfect ways in my life, and in unlimited supply.  I use it in perfect ways to bring my perfect health, wealth, relationships and self-fulfilment.

Useful Money Manifestation Meditations and Resources

Here are some of my favourite Money Manifestation Meditations that you can find online if you prefer listen or watch instead to affirmations lead by others for you.

These will help you to focus on your sub conscious thoughts concerned with money and how you can change them when you are relaxed.

You can even use them as part of your morning or evening routine as you focus on changing your mindset with these tools.

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