Loch Lomond Jet Ski Safari Experience Review

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I love to try new things in life, and in the last few weeks a great value deal appeared on 5pm.co.uk that I had always wanted to give a go.

It was an experience deal to use Loch Lomond Jet Ski Safari  and try Jet Skiing for 30 minutes, and I snapped up two of their deals for us to have a good at as a couple.

This deal was fantastic value, as normally for a one person experience it was a RRP of £69 reduced to £39 each, and deep down although I have a slight fear of water and the whole drowning thing – I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We had been on holiday many times abroad and seen Jet Skis in the Mediterranean with people looking like it was great fun, so what the heck!

This weekend was typical of Scottish Autumn weather – cold, raining and windy – but this didn’t seem to cause any concern to our instructor who was full of life and completely put my mind at ease so that I really looked forward to giving it a go.

You don’t have to bring anything with you, as they provided all safety elements such as a wet suit, boots and life jacket – but would recommend bringing with you a swimming suit for underneath the wet suit.

Facilities were “5 star quality” right beside the Jet Ski location at none other than Cameron House in Loch Lomond, with state of the art showers and luxury lockers with available hairdryers and plug sockets to use. Everything that the modern Mama needs for taking her from “Windswept” to “Yummy Mummy” post the adventure.

I could not fault the customer service of this experience. My husband and I were personally managed during the whole session by the Head Instructor and another trained instructor 1-on-1 which meant at all times you felt secure and guided.  Even for the complete novice like me who was nervous from start to finish, I felt completely safe in their guidance and positive reinforcement from the instructors at all times made the experience very personally.

To my delight, I saw my husband race around Loch Lomond to his heart’s content (he has no fear which is wonderful) and I also managed to get out racing about to my limit and even exceed my expectations. That is when you know you have had a great time – when you do something better than you would have ultimately thought you would do.

Cost shouldn’t be a factor when you want to “try something new” and out of your comfort zone, but overall I can say that the value for the quality of service was excellent.

Thank you so much to the staff at Jet Ski Safari Loch Lomond for a fantastic value experience, and one that I have been recommended to friends and family.

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