This Mama’s Next Chapter : Follow up 1

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During August this year, I found out I was carrying an Ectopic pregnancy in my right tube.

These 3 months, or as I put it, the next 100 days needed to involve no pregnancy pressures on my body to allow the medicine time to leave my body fully. If I took a chance anyway, then it is very likely there would be serious impairments on the pregnancy, and that just isn’t worth the gamble in my eyes.

So I’ve been working hard on improving myself – fitness, mentality and overall quality and love of life.

The past 3 weeks solid you could have found me mainly in the Gym, with 3 or 4 HIIT sessions or gym running sessions a week consistently; reading and relaxing more; doing more with the people I love and balancing life better.  I’ve been also part of the #EarlyBirdChallenge which has meant my sleeping pattern is now completely changed.

No longer do I go to bed about 11pm and then back up at 6am with a child – husband and I have been going to bed around 9.30pm at the latest and reading or relaxing till lights off about 10 or 10.30pm.  What a change and improvement to my overall feeling each day.  No longer do I consistently feel like I need a nap each day with work or life getting in the way.

My fitness has also improved and I can see changes in how much I can run, how far I can run in a set period of time and my love for hitting the gym.  The worst feeling is pushing yourself to do that first gym session of the week, but after that it is easy.  We have also been swimming a few times as a family with little dude and getting into the fresh air.  It has been wonderful.

I want to take a gamble and record how my body looks just now so I can compare with Christmas time.  If that isn’t motivation to keep going with this, I don’t know what would be. 

I hope to learn more about fitness and health over the next weeks left for my targeted time to recharge me – but I also can’t wait to see more changes in my life.

Love MFF xx

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