Date Night for this Mama: Cook School Scotland “Demo & Dine” Review

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As a working Mama, sometimes thinking of new and exciting meal ideas can be tough.

I have always loved the idea of learning from the best and having a go at a cookery class, and finally last week I took the plunge.

The Cook School Scotland is regarded as one of the very best for these types of experiences, and not only that has won many top awards for their unique Cookery classes.

Seeing that they had a wonderful offer to try their evening “Demo & Dine” classes, I thought the time had come to sign me and the Hubster up for a unique Date Night together.

Our class was all about Japanese Fusion cooking, with a 2 course dinner & three drinks per head, the price of £45 each seemed very reasonable.

When we arrived, we were warmly greeted and shown that the Cookery school also has it’s own Fine cooking shop to browse and Café seeing top notch take away food. Was very impressed with the many options they gave visitors to make this more than just a Cookery school for those who visit, but somewhere you can go and enjoy great food daily even if you wanted.  Definitely a place you could see yourself taking the whole family too.

Classes are small for the evening Dine options, and our class in particular had 8 guests total – but to be honest this meant that we could all feel like we were really getting one-on-one tuition from a top Scottish Chef.

For the next 2 hrs we were surrounded by the kitchen cooking surface watching intently as the Chef detailed exactly how to make Sushi, Scallop appetiser, Vegetable Tempura with the most wonderful dipping sauce, Pork Katzu Curry and then finally Pistachio meringue with pineapple.

Now here is a funny thing – I found that as soon as you saw the entire process of the food being created, even if you wouldn’t normally try or tempt the recipe yourself, the results made you want to give them a go and enjoy them. My husband also found this to be true, as quite a few ingredients were not his favourites, but he really enjoyed them when face to face with tasting them from the Chef.

The value for money in terms of what you got food wise alone was outstanding. Throughout the whole evening we had various elements of the cooking to taste as individual portions, plus drinks regularly offered at times.  When it came round to enjoying the 2 course meal at the table all together as a group, it really was a perfect balance of excitement to taste another dish whilst feeling you had seen “how the magic happened”.

Overall, this experience was far better than I could have imagined, and ever since attending last week I have been raving about it to my friends and family. I even am looking forward to returning for another themed night dining, plus excited to try all the other cooking school options such as Day courses and Evening courses.  The variety of styles and cooking experiences are wide, and no doubt there is something to suit the “Beans on Toast” student to the “Gordon Ramsey” Retired Grandmother.

You even get an emailed copy to keep of all the wonderful recipes you create over the night to test at home for yourself again.  Finishing touch that is very thoughtful indeed for all.

Well done for a great concept executed very well – a perfect date night for fun together or with friends!

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