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Today, Saturday 3rd December, I had the total luxury of going to get my “hair done” – that meant in all a total of 4 hours without any of my big or small boys.  The end result – was myself coming out feeling like a goddess with newly styled purple highlights in my hair and I love it!  Because sometimes in life you need to let yourself have purple highlights and not worry about how you might seem to the world (hoping slightly stylish!).

At the weekends, life tends to feel just as busy as the weekdays but with an added dash of excitement.  Firstly, because we all get Daddy at home for those two days and his full attention which we all love and enjoy – but also because I truly love family time and having fun as a family.  As a couple, we spend most evenings together and are happy that way.  Life is fast paced enough and all I usually want in life is to come back home to be with all my boys and be happy for the night.  It is simple but it pleases my soul.

Right now I have so many ideas running in my head and dreams for our family’s future – there is the dream that will shortly come to pass of starting my own business sideline again, the dream that I can be the best mother/wife/sister/friend that I can be, the dream that I can feel strong and fit again post this last C-Section of 5 month old baby, and the dream that I will win the lottery one day to make everyone I love dream’s come true for them.  All completely possible of course with some focus, or luck, or both.

Tonight when we were putting our oldest boy to bed, after the nightly stories had been read, he asked simply for his Daddy to sit with him a moment beside him.  Usually it is my role to do the compulsory nighttime “song” before sleep – I use the word “song” to disguise that it usually is me making up random words to any kids songs he heard that day and seeing if he enjoys it.  That special request though for time with his Daddy made me smile, as without hesitation my husband agreed and I was sent on my way downstairs.

I was reminded that sometimes being a parent the moments seem so busy that we don’t “have time”, but by sometimes taking a few minutes out to be with them is all they need to feel loved.  The days are long but the years are short, and they are little and want your affection only for what seems like a limited time.

Enjoy the small moments this December is what I hope to remember this year.


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