How to be a Productivity Ninja Mum in 6 steps

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// Concentrate on Essentials ONLY

Write down your Home Main Goals (clean house, feed kids, everyone at school etc) and Write a step by step guide to achieve each of those goals.

Everything Non-Essential miss out for one week – the house will survive if you don’t have four flavours of Soup to offer the household or you don’t manage to pick the right time to go to the post office with the letters to post.

Also write down how much time it takes roughly to achieve these essential tasks for your family, and plan when you will do that in your day or week.

Be sure not to underestimate your time, but rather make it more peaceful by giving yourself more time if possible to achieve each task.

Remove all else for one week and see if the house still functions fine.

Plan to only do these essential Main Goals for the rest of the month and note the difference in your well-being.

// Schedule like a Home CEO

Now that we have spent time figuring out exactly what the true essentials are for our family and our home, develop a schedule for those Household Goals only.

Set a time you will clean/how you will clean; the times you will cook/how you will cook (meal plan/take away/prepping ahead).

By making time for these activities that you know will bring order to your home, you will make sure those are completed first of all before anything else.

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// No Minor Details allowed

Do you ever run like a headless chicken all day and week long only to look back and wonder what the devil you did with your week or where the time went?

Don’t fill your days rushing around doing small tasks that don’t give you fulfillment or make a true difference to your home or well-being.

Don’t major in minor details!  That includes our homes and brains.

// Delegate like a Pro

You are not a martyr and so we shouldn’t put up with doing things we hate whilst the ones around us live a better life with no responsibilities.

Write down your top 5 tasks you don’t enjoy and delegate them for one week.

Whether that means hiring a cleaner for the day, sending out your clothes to the dry-cleaner, asking your partner or a friend to do the school run so you can go to the gym instead for example.

Try to delegate as much as you can and see if you enjoy it more.

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// Single task only for the win

Multi-tasking, even when you believe you can do everything at once, does not work.

You will achieve less in the long run.

Focus on one task only till completion and even better set times each week for that task.

Did you know Smart People tend to underachieve because they think they can multi-task?  I even talk about it more on this video and blog post on how you can beat it.

// Have some fun with it all!

Running a household or family is not easy, but remember you only have one life to live.

Make sure you schedule free time for yourself and also fun time for the family each day and week.

You will thank us for it!

And remember to teach all your children how to be a Productivity Ninja person too!

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