The 8 Best Books on Money and Investing to read in 2020

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the 8 Best Books to read about money and investing to read in 2020 UK editionsOne question I am often asked is what would be the very Best Books on Money and Investing to read if I could recommend any to someone new to the topic overall?

Finding a great book about money is really like finding a golden ticket – if you manage to grasp the concepts within it and apply them for success, really your financial worries could be over for good.

However, I have found in the UK that finding a great book dedicated to this particular part of the world and how our money works can be very tricky, so I wanted to share with you my very favourite ones that if you are looking to dive into the topics of money management and investing over the next few months – then you have found a great place to start.

With these books I would recommend reading them at least twice all the way through so you understand the key concepts and even better make notes as you go along so that you can apply the strategies they mention.

Really there is no power in knowledge unless you take the step to apply what you have read and enjoy so I hope you will love these books as much as I do when I first read them on my financial security and freedom journey.

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This cost helps the running of my blog to give you value and I will only ever suggest products I love and use myself).

Not a fan of reading?

I strongly recommend Audible for listening to one free audio book each month – I use it when travelling and when I need a little bit of “me time” during a busy working day.

8 Best Books on Money and Investing for the UK Audience

RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money by David Sawyer

Without doubt one of the best books about money has to be given to David Sawyer in this UK domain.

Dave’s book was a random find one day that was mentioned in a Scottish newspaper that I happened to find.  Little did I know actually that Dave lives about 10 miles away from me, and this book is exactly everything I believe people in the UK are missing to design the life of their dreams and gain FU money (money enough to live off that you can tell people to leave you alone if you don’t want to do it).

That straight talking nature is exactly why I love this book.

Covering everything from money management and how EXACTLY to Invest your money for passive incomes and savings, this is backup completely by exactly what I preach on my own channel and blog here.

That means two things – the knowledge and research in this book will deliver the results it promises, and also my own study and research has been correct too.

I was lucky enough to have many conversations with Dave over the past month, and he is as nice and giving as you would hope a person with this level of drive to help others should be.

I thoroughly recommend this book for any one in the UK looking to transform their life from normal to extra-ordinary.

Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

George Clason’s work is regarded something of a financial classic with it’s age old principles of money shared that every reader can grasp easily and with clarity.

In essence this book covers the timeless wisdom of “paying yourself first” with at least 10% of your income first of all going to savings or your future, and his use of stories and parables to explain this fact is truly inspiring.

It is a business book proved to bring riches to anyone with it’s simple strategies and one you will surely love too.

Your Money or your Life by Vicki Robin

This book breaks down the 9 steps needed to transform your life into financial freedom and possibilities in the modern day.
Although written for a US market originally, it breaks down for you exactly how to get out of debt completely for life, how to manage your finances towards gaining completely financial freedom from having to work a day job for income, and also look at the inner mindset required to be successful.
Not just a book about finances, this will give you so much more about designing life on your terms from reading it.

 Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins

There is a reason Tony’s books continue to appear at the top of the best sellers list and inspire lives.  They tell you exactly what you need to know to be successful and can apply the techniques.

In his latest book, he wants to help people become financially free- and although written for a USA market – the principles are timeless as a book to read over and over again.

Get serious about making your money work for you, rather than working for money.

 I will teach you to be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Without doubt, the most practical and useful Financial management book I have ever read, and the one book that started my own Financial Freedom Journey.

Step by Step this book will show you how to get Money Smart – show you exactly how to stream line your Budgets, Know your Credit Score, and be Money Smart and “Be Rich”.

This is the book I would recommend to my children as the starting place for Financial knowledge, and one that I recommend is bought and put straight into practice.

I love this book immensely because it holds a special place in my heart for being the first money book I read as you know, but also because it is so practical and will change your life.

Be sure to get the UK edition of this book as he is based in the US for his content, but I love the fact that this money classic had a UK equivalent for us to enjoy.

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Meaningful Money Handbook by Pete Matthews

Seen as one of the biggest and most successful financial Podcaster in the UK right now, Pete delivers a book that breaks down all his years of financial advising knowledge into easy to understand chunks that anyone can apply in their life.

From building a solid financial future for you and your family, his principles of getting yourself out of debt, being smarter with your household income and then how to forward plan to ensure you are prepared for anything – really make it a great read and love the fact it is a completely UK based and directed resource for us all.

Go Fund Yourself by Alice Tapper

Alice strives herself on being a complete finance geek and this UK based book gives you the modern tools to use your money and design the life you want fully using it.

Broken down into the key stages of your life ahead and how you can use money smarter to plan and maximise what you want to achieve, Alice has created a great book ideally for young people looking to get ahead with their money.

This books talks about everything from budgeting, saving to even knowing how to Invest using the Stock market for your future success and a fantastic no nonsense book filled with practical suggestions on your money in the UK.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

Regarded as one of the most successful self-help books of the past century, this small but concise money mindset book covers everything at the core of money success you will need.

This isn’t a step by step tutorial book but rather a book setting out the course of how to use your mind to create the level of wealth and success you wish.

Cited as being the inspiration for many of the great self help classics today, you will love this book and feel the need to re-read it many times through your journey to financial success ahead by covering mindset, visualisation and goal setting.

I really hope you enjoy these finance and money books that are my personal favourites for those based in the UK.

I know they will bring you great success ahead if you read and apply some of the principles contained within them.

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