Personal M.O.T – finding balance in an unbalanced world

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Today in particular the news of the TV actress Lynda Bellingham has affected people.  It is trending on Twitter, mentioned on many Talk radio shows, the subject of day-time TV; and the reason?  She has made it known to the media that her time is running out due to a terminal illness.

It is one of those moments that happens very regularly in life, where you can hear the same story a few times, the same overall message that life is short and that people should grab it by the hands and make the most of it – but each time the story comes along, we act as if it is new news and THIS TIME we will absolutely listen to the advice to make the most of ourselves, our loved ones and the future.


What IF this one time we truly did just that?  

What would happen if you actually decided that as of today enough is enough of bad habits and things you do through ritual or pattern?

What IF you decided to only do things that make you happy, or to find happiness in the things that you must/choose to do each day?  


Wouldn’t that be the best life lesson then to have a life filled with happiness and passion?

Today is a Scottish Bank holiday in some companies and parts of the UK – traditionally the days in the year when people feel like they have been given a “day off” for free.

I work for a company that uses English Bank holidays, but I took a day of annual leave off instead as we had traveled a total of 1000 miles this weekend to share birthday moments with our boys down in London.  As a Mum, when you get “time off” it can feel like you must squeeze as much in as you possible can – making every second count till the door bell rings and the family return.  But it has been interesting the choices I made today, as I didn’t feel that I had to rush life but rather my hope to make ALL my days better is starting to show.

One area is sleep – and this weekend with all our travels, our sleep has gone back to old habits quickly of later nights and feeling a bit tired from the word go.  Last week we decided to change that and had early nights, and I am the first one to note that both husband and myself felt refreshed each morning AND HAPPIER!  Wow! Getting sleep works!  It wasn’t a major task, but instead meant a few nights going up to bed earlier say 9pm and then lights out by half 10 usually at the latest.  Such a simple thing, but funny how we struggle to do it, when we try our best to manage little people to get a good 12hrs sleep each night?  But we forget we need that sleep just as much due to the demands of life.

Another area is I’m back to the gym and my goals is to lose about 7lbs by Christmas and feel more toned.  Last week this meant trying Insanity classes for the first time, plus today on my “day off” I hit the gym again (even though I didn’t really feel I wanted to). My goal is to really work hard and fit exercise better into my daily life.  I watch all our little people run around and never stop each day (I joke that Little Dude only sits when he watches “In the Night Garden” before bed), but yet as an adult I think we spend more time on our bums than standing up.  Time to get moving, especially when more and more jobs rely on being stuck in front of a computer for long hours each day.  This can’t be a good way of life but one I really need to find balance in.

I’ve also been reading more novels but a particular type of book – non-fiction ones about learning more about your mind and how to improve how you react, your happiness, motivation, stress…basically giving my brain emotionally and logical a bit of an MOT.  I have actually found it is working….slowly…the way I think about usually stressful situations is changing for the better.  Also the way I react to things is changing slowly to for the better.  I’m improving myself for the long game of life, which means I can be the best version of me I can be.

In whatever way you are using your Bank holiday today, or any days off work/family you have ahead – look at how you spend your day when you feel you have no one to answer to.  Are you using it to its full potential to make you happy?  Happiness can be found in cooking a lovely meal for those you love, or going to the gym, or taking a walk or long bath, after all it is those moments sometimes when we allow ourselves to be selfish and give ourselves a MOT.

Love MFF xx

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