What I would teach my daughter from a Mother raising boys

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With such worldwide celebration events as International Women’s Day observed since the early 1900s, the role of women is now celebrated often in most parts of the world rather than silenced.

My mission for this blog and my work is to inspire other young girls and women in particular to take control of their financial security personally, design the life they dream about and contribute in a positive way to the world, so this day always makes me stop and think about my own efforts so far to inspire others but also thankful for the

And as Mother of two sons only, not having a daughter myself, I would want the upcoming generations of women after me to know these things in particular to make the most impact with their lives and reach their full potential.

And this will also be the advice that I make sure my boys understand and support fully with their own choices in life, and the partners they may have in life.

The lessons I would ensure my daughter would treasure would be:

// You can be whatever you want to be, and that is absolutely fine

You are part of the first generations who are blessed to live in a fortunate part of the world where you can freely choose what they want be, without any social or class limitations.

Use that knowledge to design your dream life, be what you want to be, and never worry if that means you want to be a stay at home mother, a lawyer, a teacher, a scientist – if you are true to your desire and happy, then live it.

// Support yourself first then others

Try not to depend on anyone else to support you in life – financially, emotional, mentally or physically.

Celebrate and be thankful for all the visionary women who came before us who made sure we had the same rights as men, and use that privilege to it’s full potential now.

Make sure you take your financial, mental, emotional and physical health seriously and each day make it a daily habit to work on your happiness side note, happiness cannot be bought but come from within.

// Pay yourself first from an early age, and never stop

Whenever you make money from a job, investment or otherwise, PAY YOURSELF FIRST.

Put money straight into your future fortunes of your Pension, Investments, Savings first before you give any money to the government (Taxes, National Insurance) or household bills and spending.

Make that on automatic payments from your bank account, and if you do this from your first wage you will be rich and retire earlier than the rest of your peers.

I give you my word on this.

Aim for 10% minimum towards your future self, and work towards making that amount as large as you can afford.

// Work on yourself more than you do on your day job

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your Day Job” mamafurfur Jennifer Kempson motivational quotes #financialfreedom #motivational #personaldevelopment

Your own personal development and the time you allocated each day, week, month to that pursuit is vital.

This truly will shape your destiny and the impact you can have on the world.

Read the best books you can and learn from others from all walks of life.

Books and learning will teach you and shape you far more than any television program can.

Use their experiences to avoid common mistakes, and also to make smarter choices.

Don’t take my word for it – go out and find the solutions for yourself and apply them.


// Set Goals and Plans for your life and work towards them daily.

Your life matters more than you realise.

You might even be a mother of your own one day.

Set Goals regularly and work towards them daily.

Don’t be like the rest of the world and fall short of your potential.

Work each day a little by little towards your true goals and hopes for your life, and let the world open up the opportunities.

Help others achieve their goals too.

// Finally, To my Boys that I’m so thankful for 

Boys, I am so thankful for you and want you to also reach for these goals especially to show others it is possible to have your best life too.

I also want as many people as possible to know their worth and how they can have time and freedom to do whatever they like.

Always remember each day is a moment to take your life forward in the direction of your goals and create the life you desire.


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