I WON “Best UK Money Vlogger 2018″…. now what?

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I’m absolutely delighted to announce that this very Blog (Mamafurfur.com) and Youtube channel was selected as the winner of the UK Money Bloggers “Best UK Money Vlogger” award 2018, against some tough competition.

Some incredible talent in the UK were up for this award and many others, and I am over the moon to have been selected as the winner of the title for the next year ahead.

You can check out the full list of winners and nominees here.

Here is one of my favourite videos if you want to see what all the fuss is about yourself:



// What does this all mean?

Well, this means that the content I’m putting on my blog and YouTube channel I believe is helping people and helping them well.

My intention with my blog and channel is always to help you the audience get the information that I believed was missing from the UK prospective, and told in an easy to follow way.

I wanted the everyday person to be able to learn and trust in the ways to achieve financial and time freedom, and that will remain my purpose moving forward too

// What does the future look like it will bring?

One of my major life goals is to write a book all about the topics I cover on my blog and channel, about smarter living overall and money management.

I plan also to create a time limited “Smarter Money Explained” course with a dedicated Facebook exclusive membership group, running a few times next year only, with the option of 1:2:1 coaching session with myself.

I will absolutely continue to strive to make great relevant content that will drive more knowledge in the UK on how to design your life smarter, from money to home to contribution to the world.

// How can you support me?

Simply by keep watching and clicking on my blog and videos – tell me in the comments on my videos in particular the topics you want to see explained so that I can help you on your journey too.

If you feel inspired to pick up one of my spreadsheets, books or courses as they become available – that would be a bonus to help you when it feels best for you too.

The best thing you can do though to show your support is go ahead and enter your email address below for my newsletter, so that I can update you on anything exciting coming down the way as one of my prioritiy visitors to the website and channel.

That way you never miss out!


Let me finish by saying thank you to you all for watching and supporting me in 2018.

I started this direction for my blog officially in March 2018 time, and since then I have loved being part of the various money communities with passionate people striving for smarter living and financial freedom.

It is a pleasure to be part of this journey with you all, and long may it continue!



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