Trading212 Vs Freetrade – ZERO FEE INVESTING – Which is better?

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Fee Free Investing in the UK - Trading212 Vs Freetrade - Which is better?Trading212 Vs Freetrade – ZERO FEE INVESTING – Which is better?


What’s not to love?

I’m looking at the latest way of Zero fee investing apps to hit our phones.

In this video I set out to compare two of the most popular UK based FREE FEE (for the most part) investing apps that you can invest from £1 in a range of funds, ETFs and stocks.

I break down the relevant advantages and disadvantages of each platform, with the opinions being completely my own and not sponsored in any way.


How do you get the Free Share?

Step 1 – Click my link to open your account – 📲

Step 2 – Add you details

Step 3 – Deposit £1 (I did it via card payment and it showed instantly)

Step 4 – Wait 3-4 business days to Get your Free Share (feel free to reach out to them if you don’t get your share through my link).

Step 5 – Wait 3 days to Sell Share (if thats what you want)

Step 6 – Wait 30 days to Withdraw Cash if you wish OR keep the share and watch it grow in value and even pay a dividend!

My link here to FREETRADE unfortunately does NOT include a free share, so if you know an investor using them please use their referral link to get a free share up to £200.

My link directly to them though is:


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