What you do as soon as you wake up and start your morning truly can have a huge affect on your day and life ahead.

One technique I apply each day as soon as I have woken up, usually at around 5.30am after a workout, is commonly know as “Morning Pages“.

Let me give you my own variation of it and if you might like to try it yourself.


The technique of writing Morning Pages comes from the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, where she hoped to teach “writer’s block” artists to get back onto the path of creativity and away from the fear that holds them back in their mind and stopping their progress.

The essence of the technique is as soon as you wake up to write in your journal and let the words flow – anything at all and doesn’t need to make sense but to get whatever your brain has been thinking about overnight and whilst sleeping down and out for you to concentrate on the day ahead of you.

Sometimes you might get insights and inspiration that you need to follow through on that day, sometimes it is your worries or concerns – and usually when that happens you then feel more at peace sharing them through written word.

Normally you should aim for three pages of random writing that comes to mind, but in my experience, I would say write as much as you can in your journal until you feel you want to move onto the next part of your wake-up Master morning routine.

Don’t let someone else’s definition of what you should do stop you from getting the full benefits of the habit!


In the months that came before I started writing this book, I discovered more about the Law of Attraction and the book “Ask and It is Given” by Esther & Jerry Hicks.

For the rest of the journaling part of my Master Morning routine that I recommend to you, you will find I’ve adapted some of the methods they mention in the book but I’ve made them specific to what I believe will help give you the most power in creating financial and time freedom, whilst encouraging gratitude for what you have right now too.

The next section after my morning pages in my journal, I will then do what Hicks calls “A Book of Positive Aspects” where ultimately, I try to list all the things I am thankful about a particular aspect, person or object in my life right now.

It could be as simple as listing all the things I love and am thankful about my children, or the room I’m sitting in right now and how it makes me feel, or even for my career or health.

Anything that comes to mind to be thankful for, I aim to write at least three points of gratitude. As we know by appreciating what we have, we encourage more of the good things in our life right now and appreciate that joy and happiness come from within us at any point.  We don’t need to arrive at the goal to appreciate the beautiful journey.


The third section is called me “To Do – Universe to Do” List and in my journal, I will split a portion of my page in half and write To Do heading at one side and then” Universe to do” at the other.

I will start to make notes of all the items within my Ivy Lee Method (you can find a video all about this below) and also any errands or small jobs that I want to achieve that day.  Under “Universe to do” this is where I give over control of the outcome to whatever will be – it could be completely other people and the ideal situation for them I would like, or if I would like a pay rise, or even if I would like money to appear for a certain project.

Anything that might consume my brain with worry and focus that I can’t control the outcome – I write it here and have no issues with listing the same thing multiple days in a row.

I have found this so deeply profound and uplifting to know that I can let “someone” else worry about things that I think I should worry about in life, and know that whatever will be will come.


Imagine you have been given the amount of money say £1k to spend that day and list all the things I would buy next in your journal notes.

We know the fun and power of this, then opens up the world to make it happen for you and starts you thinking how you can achieve it too.  I love to do this in the morning to make me feel like a kid again at Christmas when the Argos catalogue came out and picking what you could want.


Lastly, some mornings if I have time I will do a small journal entry with a Hicks technique called “Creation Workshop or Session”.

This time is for exclusively creating in words and images the life you want to create in one particular aspect in detail, and really trying to focus on in what you want.  It could be you want to create in words the type of body and health you want in future, or the home you next want to live in.  Anything at all that aligns to your goals and allows you to spend time uninterrupted with this focus on creating in your journal and mind a finer tuned picture to then start the process of making it happen.

Don’t try to make this painful from the start, but you could “drip feed” up to that time by getting up 15 minutes earlier every day until you hit the perfect time that feels right to you and allows you to focus.

Just don’t get sucked into social media from the moment you wake up or you could see your time fly past quicker than you would hope.

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