Day 6

Making Money and balancing your Finances is enough to stress out most people, particularly if you have been living life under Debt or constant trying to make the books balance each month.

The philosophy that is so important to remember with any Plan or Goal scheme is to make it work in real life, and I believe the key to this is making sure you have fun and guilt free spending in some way.

With any budget or planning, if there is no room for real life -then you will very quickly stop using it and we don’t want that.  We want to have a budget that works every month without question.

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//  Add in Some Fun money, Guilt Free!

Here is the reality check.

If you have made an effort to put in the dedication and time to follow all the steps in this 7 day challenge so far, chances are that you are in way better financial shape than you were a week ago.

We know the important of budgeting.

We know the importance of maximising our Incomes and creating different sources of income in a variety of Passive and Active ways.

We know where we are heading and have a plan in place.

You are doing better than 99% of the population in the Modern world with more than enough money to do such things with.

You deserve a pat on the back for that alone.

I mention the 80/20 rule that I work by for my own family finances and this is where 80% of our budget is spent on all the bills and fun times.

20% is used to generate more income with our investments and business ideas.

In that 80% (and this is an ideal percentage to aim for, not critical to be successful) you need to include some form of budget for FUN.  You have earned it through working hard each day and working hard on your finances for the future and today.

// Plan your FUN budget ideas in your Workbook

Have no set spending planned for that each month if you wish (although I like to plan ahead our fun activities to make sure we make good use of the money each month), and enjoy it.

Perhaps take up a new hobby that you have always wanted to?

Perhaps use it to save for that once in a lifetime holiday OR a new home?

Whatever it is – Be SURE to add in a FUN budget into your finances.

You will thank me for it – and you will begin to feel like you are living the rich life indeed knowing you are paying off your debts, managing your money and also generating new incomes each month.

Now let’s head to the final important day in our challenge….What a journey it has been!