Day 3

This is Day 3 of a 7 Part Series that will change YOUR ATTITUDE about money and Teach you How to Make your Money WORK for you instead!

After the next 7 days of effort and determination, we will have the Principles and strategies that will allow you to gain control over your Finances again and even work towards bigger Financial Goals like one day being Financial Free.

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// Let’s test HOW MUCH we really that Subscription or want it!

Use today to look closely at what luxuries you spent your hard earned money on, and if you could reduce it for a Cheaper model/lower cost or Pay as You Go to see if you truly need it.

For Example – if you have a Gym membership are there any local cheaper ones?

Do they even have an option to Pay per class attended instead and see how often you really use it? Or can you go without it completely and make a Homemade Gym with some weights in the house?

That costly magazine subscription? How about cancelling it and buying each month instead.

If you miss having it through the door and buy it each month and then return to getting that yearly subscription in place.

// Downgrade Challenge on your Food Bill 

An obvious place to start to try and better budget and spend your money is looking at how much you spend weekly on Food and Drink overall.

Putting key skills that we already know we should do such as taking Lunch with us to work instead of buying out, trying to avoid expensive coffees every day, trying to not shop on an empty stomach – All these add up to ways to better spend our money.

Consciously choosing where and how much money we spend on Food and Drink means that we are in control of our Diet and Body, as well as Lifestyle.

For example – Why not test out a different Supermarket this week?  People rave about shops such as Aldi and Lidl – but have you given them a go?

What if you could save money on exactly the same food items you need?  It would be worth it.

Another obvious Downgrade choice is to move from Premium Brands of Food products to Shop own brand.

Don’t like the taste?  Simply move back to your original knowing you at least tried it!

// Meal Plan and Prep for the win on your Food Bill

Busy Mums know all the best secrets, but it turns out this one saves you money in the long run too and we know why!

Try to Weekly or Monthly Meal Plan your food ahead of time, taking advantage of any deals in the supermarkets to stock up your freezer and shelves.  Most meats keep perfectly well in the Freezer, so why not spend all your planned Food Budget at the start of the month, making the only top ups needed small items like Milk & Bread, fresh fruit and Veg.

By planning ahead, you will curb the temptation to buy all the food when you are starving on the way from work – but we know this already.

Never meal planned ahead before OR Similar want to try something new with Meal Planning?   Check out my Free Download Week Ahead Meal Planner with Shopping List cut off strip, to keep you shopping list all in one place whilst you put together your Weekly Meal Plan.

Stuck for Ideas?  I created a Meal Planning AutoPilot spreadsheet that does it all for you – Check a demo out on my Youtube channel and purchase your own version here.

// Write down your Commitments for trying something differently

Record your efforts today, and be proud you made some lifestyle changes just temporarily to see if you enjoy life just the same.

Perhaps even put that saved money found into to pay for a Night Out once a month, or for some new Clothing, or Invest in yourself in someway.

Let’s go  to Day 4 then……