The ONLY spreadsheet that takes you from money mess to financial success!

Back in 2018, I decided it was time to overhaul our finances and the Money Stacks Method Spreadsheet was born.  

Since then we have helped over 2500+ other people do the same.

What’s included in this Excel-based tool:

  • Monthly Budget Sheet (with detailed percentage breakdown of your budget and your goals)
  • Net Worth Tracker
  • Debt Repayment models (Snowflake & Avalanche) and Debt-free Date calculator
  • Savings, Investments & Sinking Funds Trackers
  • Financial Freedom Date Estimator
  • Additional Income Budget Sheet
  • Overview Dashboard
  • and much more!

* NOTE – This is an Excel based product that requires VBA Macros for some elements, therefore ensure you have access to MS Office before purchasing.

IN THIS EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE (COURSE & SPREADSHEET) You will also get this 17+ VIDEO training series complete with US/Euro/UK versions of our hugely popular Money Stacks Method Budgeting tool and 7 day “Money MOT challenge”, I’ll walk you through:

  • The exact steps to build a budget that is entirely PERSONAL and based your YOUR GOALS 
  • Have ME guiding you STEP BY STEP through HOW TO set up a Budget that will last you a lifetime with habits that truly BUILD A RICH LIFE
  • My 15-minute method for managing your money every month moving forward with a simple breakdown of key accounts to have and where to send your money every month.
  • Know your current “Financial Health” with understanding your net worth and other KPI
  • Our non-intimidating much-loved spreadsheet that allows you to budget with your income, set your financial goals, pay off debt effectively and even become financial free.  No finance degree required.
  • BONUS videos showing How to pay off your mortgage quickly, set up extra income ideas.
  • …And so much more.

Being the sensible person you are, I know you don’t want to rely on random finance people on the internet to make promises they can’t keep about your money.

You want to truly understand WHAT you’re doing with YOUR MONEY and WHY… And be the master of your own financial destiny. 

That’s exactly what I have in store for you in this course and spreadsheet bundle.

It’s like I’m taking you by the hand step by step to achieve the same confidence with money that we have experienced.

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