The Master Money Blueprint – Paperback by Jennifer Kempson


The Master Money Blueprint: How to Master Your Money and Create a Powerful Money Mindset

Paperback, by Jennifer Kempson



In her debut publication, Glasgow-based Award-winning Money and Success Blogger/Youtube Creator Jennifer Kempson is recognised as one of the leading and most insightful voices within the UK Financial Freedom and Debt-free community under the brand name of “Mamafurfur”.

The Master Money Blueprint contains 26 Principles of How to use money as a resource for our true desired life, rather than allowing it to be our master and controller of our life’s direction and experiences. By following these principles, we can open up our lives to the abundance of this source of energy that has, and always will, be within our grasp. Contained within the few chapters are the key principles of the Master Money Mindset and suggested daily actions and beliefs that will change how you view your own power to create your present days and your future.

You will unlock the truths that will deliver endless resources to you in terms of money, but also allow you to apply these principles to all areas of your life.Covering all seasons of life from resolving your past relationship with money, through to your present and future experiences, The Master Money Blueprint aims to change the reader’s life forever with no only money, but all areas of their life that could be improved to create a joy filled future.


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