AutoPilot Excel Spreadsheet – Goals, Financial Freedom, Debt Repayment Edition – UK£


Goals, Financial Freedom, Debt Repayment UK £ EDITION**

AutoPilot Money Family Budget Excel Spreadsheet Digital Download only by MAMAFURFUR


This spreadsheet allows you to track your family budget, to see clearly how you are spending your money and decide where you want it to go. I also show you how to pay off any credit card, loans, car payments or mortgage debts as quickly or as efficiently as possible using the Snowball or Avalanche methods with a step by step detailed payment report month by month to achieve your goal of debt free finally.

You also have a section to categorize and work towards your Sinking funds (spending budgets) for your goals such as holidays and car maintenance.

Finally, using your saving and investing patterns to date – you can see clearly the date you will achieve total financial freedom (be able to live off your investments and savings for life).

I believe this tool will be the most powerful way you have managed your money, and if you click over to my blog and youtube channel I can show you how to use this tool to design the life you want on your terms.


Excel 2013 onwards has been tested, along with Office 365

Also works on Google docs and Mac Numbers


User guide

Please be sure to check out my Youtube video first on how to use my spreadsheet for your budgeting, financial freedom expected date, debt snowball and avalanche payment schedules and financial goals —>

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