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Hello and Welcome to my blog Mamafurfur.com.

This blog came about after my own struggle to find a smarter way to live than that normal 9-5 routine, and wanting to know how I could use money to design my life.

My goal is to help passionate people create financial and time freedom in their lives to allow them to create the life of their dreams with an abundance of resources.

I am a working Mum from Glasgow, and this blog documents that very journey for my own family showing how you can create it too, no matter your budget or income.

I will take you on a Journey of Financial Knowledge and Transformation giving you the tools and knowledge you need to shape life on your terms with enough money and time to do what you truly love.

Blog posts and videos all about Spending Spending, Household Budgeting, Making Money, Creating Side Hustles, Investing, , Managing Debt, Living a Fulfiled Life, Family and everything in between.

I am proud to bring you my first book dedicated to the Master Money Mindset needed to success with money and in life, and you can purchase your own copy from Amazon today detailing the 26 Mindset principles that will allow you to master your money once and for all!

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I created a special bundle of Spreadsheets to enable my home to beat debt, know our financial freedom goal number, save for Sinking fund goals and Budget SMARTER! You can get a copy of your own version on my store by clicking below:

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