The Final Countdown – are we REALLY ready though for life to change again?

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Some days I am overwhelmed with how modern day parenthood seems to require you to be a domestic goddess with a perfectly timed and controlled household plus throw in working full time (you know to make sure the world knows you still have a brain that works) and give each child you have enough love and attention so they don’t end up being little brats in society when they are older.  Oh, and you must remember a full face of makeup, latest ASOS outfit and perfect hair each morning before everyone else gets up.

Yep really easy isn’t it? Yep if you have a nanny, chef and child milder on speed dial so you can actually achieve all these things every day, it’s really easy.

Today I’ve reached the 38 week mark of my second pregnancy, and another fear is now thrown into the bag of normal parenthood life.  It’s all about to change yet again in less than 8 days, when the next little one arrives in our life by C-section. Holy Moly! Another human to be responsible for during this lifetime!  But you know as much as it scares me, as much as I have no idea right now how life will be like after next week – I think I’m ready.

I’ve really excited and nervous at the same time as to the birth of my second child, and actually think switching to having two children in the household with some form of routine will be less traumatic than when you have your first one.  The first one seems to arrive and change everything – you no longer can run wild each day, do whatever the hell you feel like (within reason) but you become aware of having to make sure others are well and happy most of the day too.  It takes some getting used to, and to be honest some days I don’t even feel properly in my groove yet with a toddler aged 3 years and those three years of “doing it”.

I’m excited to have my little family grow and a sibling for our toddler, which has been the goal that has been far greater than my own needs in life. I was lucky to have a sibling who is only 14 months younger than me, and know the joy and happiness it brings having someone there to share your life with and who will equally annoy you just the same (love ya sister!).

You can’t deny when you are a parent that most days are filled with smiles and laughter when you see a small person learn something new, or say something that seems to be outside their years on this earth.  My little toddler is something I am proud of most of the time, and I know that is more his nature that makes him who he is – but I still take a small moment to be glad I might have influenced it in some small way.

These final few days of pregnancy ahead seem to be the hardest on me physically and mentally, as everything starts to slow down even more and I am more frustrated with my body than ever before – but the sweet relief of what next week will bring for our family puts it all into prospective.  We never know how many times in life we get to carry a child of our own, what path lies ahead of us; but I am thankful right now that my second pregnancy has been relatively straight forward and I’ve kept healthy to look after my boys along the way.

I’ve only sucked a little at being a mother and wife during this pregnancy I would like to hope, only some times have I had to have a nap during the day instead of doing things with my boys.

Bring on the next adventure with two children and a husband, and two cats, along for the ride!

Love MFF xx

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