It’s only a car, right?

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This morning was abit of a sad day for me and the Hubbie. You think there was an edge of someone had died in the air but it shouldn’t be that dramatic.

Instead we sold a 2000 plate blue Clio Car with 80,000 odd miles on the clock.

Why the devil should we be sad then?

I will tell you – Because that little blue car came into my husband’s life at a very particular time 2 years ago. It was the car that he sold his much loved motorbike for, to be safer getting to work each day.

But it ended up being the car he packed up all his belonging into, and we drove 350 odd miles from London to Glasgow in. It was the car that we took many adventures in whilst I was pregnant. It was the car we took our first trips together in, the times we went to the beach or a wee sneaky trip to Krispy Kreme when I was 39wks pregnant. It was the car he dropped me off at the hospital in before me C-section to have little dude.

It has been the car ever since that we drive when we have dates as it remind us of being young, free and in love. We called it the Batmobile because it felt like we were superheroes in it without a care in the world. Driving it always made my husband smile as it was without modern day gadgets, and purely fun to drive although not worth much at all.

Now sadly it is getting old and stopped being reliable- and it was time to replace.

With that is this sadness, but then I know that our next car will have many more memories in it. This year alone – our first festival trip together, going on holidays, family trips at weekends – I can’t wait.

Thank you Batmobile for being a memory maker for us, and thank you world for blessing my life with so many opportunities to have memories with people I love

Love MFF xx

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