How to celebrate a birthday or have fun trying

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This week has seen my Husband’s birthday come along.

It must suck actually having your birthday so close to Christmas as instead of people getting brand new gifts for you, generally people have no money for anything new so you get some smaller gifts or ways to show they care.

My husband is my world.  And each year I want to run out to the shops and purchase everything I possibly can for him in a way to show him how much he is appreciated and cared about.  Sadly that is just crazy.  So I try to think outside of the box to show that appreciation in other ways.

Two years ago before little Dude appeared on the screen, I gave him his own birthday Treasure Hunt with clues and prizes.  This year, money is very tight (we only have my job for funds for the entire household functioning and currently have money for “lights on” only.  But we have each other, so it is all good) so I wanted to do something a bit different and memorable.

SO I came up with this.

Husband’s Birthday 24 hour challenge

This year we are thankful for him and all the new exciting things we experience together as a family.  Each year the fun never stops.

Our mission then for his birthday over the next 24 hours is to complete 24 New Things together.

Here are some of the examples:

1) Find a new place to eat

2) Take a photo of a view you have never seen before

3) Learn a new word from the dictionary

4) Learn a new fact

5) Buy something new and wear it for the next 24 hours

6) Listen to a new music artist

7) Visit a new place we have never been before

8) Learn to play a new game

9) Drink a new drink

10) Visit a new shop

and on and on………..

Our mission is to complete it all and tick off the list.  It should make the day very fun trying to think of ways to complete each of the list.

Now just for time for the photographic evidence to follow…..

Do you try to do something different for your little ones OR big ones birthdays?  I look forward to seeing what else we can think of in the coming years ahead.


Love MFF xx

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