Achieving things, and other life lessons from May

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This May looking back has been quite a busy month with a good few proud moments for me.

Fitness wise I’m getting there and maintaining what I hoped to start and see through the full year (minimum).  I even managed to beat my personal record of “working out” in some form seventeen times during the month, which was excellent.  I work best when I feel I am achieving goals, and so having a simple little Tracker in my kitchen to add up all my workouts each month – I get that little bit of recognition that I’m doing well.

I also can look back and am glad I managed to take part in another Cancer Research 5km Charity run at the start of the month, and completely achieved a lifetime goal of running the Glasgow 10km charity run too.  Never in a million years would I have thought I would have felt mentally or physically fit enough to run a 10km (I’m not a runner at all), but I’m so pleased that I managed to do it.

Needless to say – I’ve signed up for another 10km charity race myself in a matter of days in June.  This one is called The Majors and scares the Bejesus out of me already.  My Husband is taking part of it, and has planned to do the 10km run for many months now, and asked me to join him.  As much as I’m scared to my very core as it is obstacles as well as running – I want to do this for me to show I can take on anything now…well almost anything!

Last month’s body measurements showed that I lost another 1% body fat, no change in weight (scales don’t mean anything really in the long term) so I’m down closer to 20% even which is a huge change in my body shape and tone.

I’m still loving weight training and mixing it with a few cardio classes each week to keep my fitness up, but I know my diet isn’t the best it could be.  I struggle with sugar…majorly… and this is a work in progress each week to get better for my own body sake.

This week’s I been prompted to also look closer at my inner mental health.  As random as this sounds, sometimes it is important to check in to make sure we are living as best as we can, and working towards being at peace the majority of the time.

I struggle like most people with low self esteem in various degrees, but this week felt I was starting to see how it affected my thoughts and how I felt.  I’m a emotional person full stop, but there is control with that emotion.  However, when it comes to “inner me” I seem to lack that self-control to make sure my thoughts are for the greater good rather than working at making feel less than I should.  Lots of work ahead I’m sure, but I know that realising there is room for improvement is the first step ahead.

Let’s see what June and the months ahead will bring!

Love MFF xx



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