14 Days to a Better You – Day 14 and the summary

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Well folks end of the 14 days is coming right up tonight.

14 days ago I started a personal goal and challenge for myself – to commit to only 14 days of tough work and improving my fitness & eating styles to see what the results would be.  I never imagined actually what effect this would have on me and my family overall.

So in 14 days, because I cut out bad foods that were high in sugar, allowed myself a semi “cheat” day at the weekend (basically I would allow something a bit naughty just to not think I was denying myself), and training harder than ever before.  The results – I have lost 3lbs it appears….but I have also worked out about 4-5 times a week for at least 45-60 mins each time, ran a 5km on my own time, signed up for another charity 5km run in August, improved my eating pattern and thinking dramatically and I can actually notice a difference in my body.

Water intake is a huge thing I noticed I really needed.  I suffer quite easily with inflammation of the bladder and that can be painful and reduce your activities that day until it passes.  As a result of hitting the water each morning first thing, and throughout the day, I haven’t had to take any medicine to combat that or felt the pain coming on.  I actually start to miss that first large big drink of water if I don’t take it right away when I wake up.  That is a major improvement to my health as a result.

Also as a result of working out and running out in the fresh air, my Husband saw me pushing and challenging myself and he too signed up for a 5km run plus started running 2-3 times a week again.  He is doing fantastic and I can see the joy he gets from achieving goals too.  He was also great at setting tasks and goals and completing them – and it is lovely to see us work together towards this fitness goal now.

My post pregnancy body is also changing.  As I had a c-section with little dude, it is hard on your tummy muscles, and now I can see muscles appearing in my stomach again and my hips are smoother.  Overall I look in the mirror and can see the difference – that is what it is all about.

So this isn’t the end…..this is the start of another challenge.

Until our 5km run in August, I plan to keep this structure up.  I want to train 3-4 times a week, doing a 5km personal run each week where possible to see if I can improve my time, keep going to the gym, keep the balance of life and work, and see the results and happiness in my life.

I am happier as a result of these 14 days as the moment you take control of one part of your life, you find that other aspects start to get your attention to try and mix up things too.  Wonderful stuff!  Turns out I am more powerful than I thought :O)

Please if you are reading this, and you know you want to get fitter or more confident, DO IT! Give yourself 14 days only, 14 short days, and commit to doing daily exercise, healthier eating and then if you think it is all rubbish go straight back to normal on Day 15.  I just can’t do that now though as I see what I have achieved and this is only the beginning….

Love MFF xx

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