Youtube Influencer Decoded – Group LIVE COACHING – Sunday 2nd August 2020 7pm UK




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I’ve been making videos for over 2.5 years now on Youtube as a Money, Investing & Success Content creator, building my influence from the group up to a side-business (that’s right I still have my day job) that now produces for my family 5-FIGURE INCOME MONTHS through using Youtube as my launch pad to other products and services.  I’ve even been selected as Youtube UK’s Creator on the Rise in August 2019 (appearing on the Trending page no less for one day!).

My Youtube content has allowed me to become in just over 2 short years a published Author, an E-course Creator, Coach & Mentor (with paying 1:1 clients), Podcaster whilst balancing life as a Wife, Mum and being positive in society.

I’ve done it all – watched countless YOUTUBE GURU videos, read hundreds of blog posts, and still you end up uploading YouTube videos every week with no real actionable strategy behind it to get the growth you want and hoping to achieve to reach potential audience and customers.

My problem is that the GURUS aren’t UK based, with our audience needs and desires AND they started years ago when competition was lower for views.  We needed something FRESH and CURRENT!

So let me ask you –

Do you feel frustrated and at a stand-still with your lack of YouTube traction and growth? 

You are putting out there your best work but still the progress in subscribers and views is SLOW?

Are you desperately seeking more YouTube views & subscribers in order to build life-long FANS and ultimately customers?

Do you want to be seen as an authority figure online but have NO IDEA where to start or not enough time to learn?  

This is why I put together this GROUP LIVE SESSION 2-hour crash course that will walk you through everything you need to know about YouTube and the tips and strategies that work for me based in the UK growing a channel TODAY.

We will cover in 2 hours:

  • The REAL strategies to use today in Youtube UK to get seen, understanding SEO tools and how to find hundreds of topics that YOU CAN ACTUALLY RANK HIGH FOR
  • How to build an audience THE RIGHT WAY (SPOILER – it doesn’t involve comment bombing every popular channel in your niche in the hope to get viewers)
  • How to build out a business that supports the life you want, whilst balancing your creative work in Youtube
  • Developing passive and semi passive income streams in addition to your Youtube content
  • Branding and Marketing Strategies that work for Youtube
  • Q&A Live Session for up to 30 mins to take your personal questions.
  • The session will be recorded for you to watch post live, or even catch as a replay.


Sunday 2nd August 2020 7pm GMT to 9pm via Zoom live session


Not for you OR can’t make it live on the night?  That’s cool – This session will recorded to purchase on my website after the event.  I also work with content creators 1:1 coaching as an option for those wanting more specific personal advice or suggestions to take your Youtube content to the next level.

IF SIGNED UP – What happens next?

Following your order, and PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS VALID FOR YOUR ORDER, you will be sent the Zoom call details to join no later than Saturday 1st August AM.

These are for 1 admission ticket only to the session.  No refunds are possible due to nature of event once ticket is purchased, so only sign up if you are ready to watch and enjoy the session.

See you inside on the session!

I’m excited to teach you the best of what I know about Youtube and how to really grow your content’s impact and reach in 2020 and beyond!


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