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We are doing Masterminds differently.

If you have ever read the world-famous Money Mindset book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, you will know that a mastermind is a community of people joining together to achieve something bigger and better in their lives.  It draws all their talents and skills and pushes them to think in new ways and achieve greater things moving forward.

It could be that you want to connect with people in a similar stage of life as you, or with a similar outcome goal in their fitness or business – but USUALLY Masterminds (these exclusive groups led by a Coach) are expensive monthly subscriptions.

We are doing things differently.  What if YOU would pay the price of a coffee/tea to be in a Mastermind that truly would give you the starter tools and strategies to go to the next level with your money, health, wealth, business, impact and making a difference?  And that’s the only financial output – the rest is purely your time and involvement?

That’s what we are doing – Prosperity Accelerator is a 90 day Mastermind & Community with this goal.  A Mastermind where financial barriers won’t be a factor, BUT RATHER we ask for your commitment and time instead.  You don’t sign up unless you are willing to give it 100% on the weekly challenges and take part.

What will it involve?

  • Regular Zoom Learning Calls (1 hour on a Sunday night 8-9pm LIVE UK TIME) on topics such:

– Your Personal Economy – The TRUE secret to unlimited wealth, health and impact
– Turning Dreams into Reality Goal Setting Secrets – My exclusive 4 step process to take any Goal to a Result in your life and design your dream live starting today!
– Power Thoughts – The mindset needed from Zero to every Win-Win in your Life
– Income with Impact Accelerator Secrets – How to create and share your talents with ease, and start earning what you should.

  • Dedicated Facebook Group with the community members only for Support and Encouragement through the 30 days.
  • Access to myself and Support Coaches through the journey
  • Journalling prompts and Homework tasks

What will it cost?  The price of Two cups of tea or coffee to join (£10).  You will have opportunities to pay more if you wish and believe it has been of value, but we will not ask for any further compulsory payments.

Who can apply?  We only want people who are fed up feeling stuck in life AND ready for new mindset and practical action steps to change their money, health, peace and prosperity to make lasting change.

The weekly workshop calls will have homework and daily action tasks (should take you roughly 30-60 mins a day) so only take a spot if you are ready for taking action.

What will be the result for me?  Our goal is to give you the tools to design life on your terms, know how to create the wealth you desire, know how to share your talents and skills with many people and do great things.  Ultimately we want you to kick start your own Prosperity Project within the 90 days, and be blown away by the results.

Spaces will be limited to 73 people


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