Balancing life can be hard but you can do it!

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I’ve really found the last few months hard work, and ironically I’m not even going to my day job right now on top of things to balance!

Our little one is now 7 months old, and that brings a whole wealth of fun and drama to manage another little small person who has opinions and desires of their own.  Honestly, hand on heart – I don’t enjoy the very small baby stage and I think I’ve even shared that before on this blog.  For me, I simply enjoy my children more once they are less reliant on me for everything and you can interact easier with them to find out what they need and want – but that by no means doesn’t mean that I wish my time away right now.  Just I am looking forward to what lies ahead equally when our little family all has personalities.

I’ve found with having to balance two little people more stressful than just having one.  And stress – I don’t do it very well at all.  It makes me frustrated and unhappy and wish my days away when the baby might stop crying and be happy for a moment.  I’m also very much a person driven usually by external validation (so I need to see that people are happy in order to somewhat feel happy in my day too), so when you have a teething baby or one with colic – it can feel soul destroying.  Childcare is not for the faint-hearted I have always felt, and really am in awe of people who find it straight forward and easier than me.  BUT that doesn’t mean that I’m not trying each day to do better and enjoy the ride I’m on….just it takes me a little more time and a little more concentration to remember that each day.  It doesn’t come naturally, but I am learning to make it come naturally as much as I can.

Post Christmas I also had a health issue appear for the first time in my life and I experienced Migraines for the first time.  My type of migraines were ones with Aura, with my aura signal being a kinda of snake like pattern in my vision that looks like the “decoding” of that part of my sight is all messed up.  People have three eyes, look funny, and can’t make enough of the vision out to be useful.  After the Aura of about ten minutes then came the headache at the back of my head for usually three or four hours.  I was truly scared when I experienced my first one.  I thought I was losing my sight and would never see my children or husband properly again.  I was petrified I had something seriously wrong with me.

Following that experience and the few weeks that followed, it has made me even clearer on what is important in life and health is one of them.  You never know what can happen and cannot take anything for granted.  Balance in life is all key to feeling that each night when you go to sleep you can say “I gave my all to today and am happy with what I achieved”.  That can be from absolutely everything you do from being a mother/parent to your career to your health – no more excuses.

Set what you priorities are right now, and tell yourself that today is the day you will no longer accept anything less than what you want.  Your goals can be very small each day working towards them (you will easily achieve them and build up) but the main thing is that each day brings progress towards your happiness.  Perhaps even use a small amount of time to cut the things you don’t enjoy so much from your life too! After all, who wants to be miserable every day anyway!  Maybe try to make it every alternative day at least ;O)

Create the life you want and start today by doing something to make sure you are on that path.  If you are already doing that – share what brings you joy with someone around you, as they may need the inspiration you never know.

Balancing life can be hard, but we can do it…after all you are in full control of what you do with those 24 hours each day and in control of the outcome.

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