My focus is to free up more of your daily life from the task we might not enjoy, to allow you to have more time to do the things you do love!

Love it or hate it, CLEANING is one of those household tasks that we cannot avoid or ignore but there has to be a way to do it SMARTER and in less time!

// Mamafurfur Bless My Home Cleaning Schedule

There is nothing new under the sun, and creating a system that you can apply every day to maintaining the home you love, that keeps all your most treasured possessions in it, was my goal.

There are four main sections of this cleaning schedule:

  1. Four Individual days having specific zones of your home to speed clean & tidy only – spreading the tasks out over the week – aiming for #microjoy cleaning of 15 minutes if we can.  Bring along a time if you have to and get the tunes cranked up loud whilst you do them!
  2. One day of Fundamental cleaning “Bless My Home Hour” where you dedicated up to 30-60 minutes to deeper clean your home as you would normally.
  3. Morning and Evening Lightening routines – to prep you for your day ahead or day coming.  These take 5 minutes at the most usually.
  4. Monthly and Every 3 month tasks that you can do at the weekend in your free time, again 30 minutes ideally in length, but do them when you have free time to take your time more.
  5. BONUS – Include prep time before your week starts for the full effect – we call it #PREPSUNDAY as we do it on a Sunday late afternoon in our home

You can even download your own copy of my “Bless my Home Cleaning Schedule” by clicking on this link!

CLICK HERE FOR your own copy of Mamafurfur Bless My Home Cleaning Schedule

Print it off, laminate it, pin it to your fridge or place it inside your home files and use it each week and we even include laundry suggestions to keep you on top of that too!




Simple select the best day that works for you to do each of the Zone, you don’t need to go with any one’s suggestions for what days you should do it.

Then take my suggestions for “Daily Pick ups” in the morning and evening, monthly and three month activities and away you go!



Every home needs a little time spent on it once a week ideally with more care and attention, and that is the purpose of the Power hour.

Use that 30-60 minutes once a week, on a day that suits you best, to hit all the major zones for a clean and orderly home such as surfaces, floors, windows and to remove clutter that might have built up over the week.

Encourage all members of the household to help with this one, and cut the time down dramatically!



These are lightening fast little routines that you do each morning and night before you go to bed, to ensure the house is ready for the day ahead or the next day.

It includes quickly putting away any clutter in your main “hot spots” (zones that you tend to drop mail, leave things lying, the floor with toys, the front door with bags etc), bring out any food for the next day from the freezer, make any lunches if required, leave out clothing for next day etc.

In the morning, you will find it could be as simple as getting yourself ready and dressed and lunches in those bags.

Aim for up to 5-10 minutes at the moment so you free up your day with the essentials taken care of that are immediately needed.



There are some jobs that you can do less regularly than others in your home, and I have included those on the monthly and three monthly reminder lists.

Feel free to add in your own as you see fit, but these suggestions cover the basics for ensuring your household items you love and enjoy are maintained in the best condition too.

I’ve also included some personal reminder tasks that are important for your household success in general, such as finances and goal reviews, so be sure to make time to do those too.

Ideally a weekend is perfect to tackle those with time and focus at your leisure.



One of my absolute favourite times of the week is when we take an hour during a Sunday afternoon to prepare for the week ahead, at work/school or otherwise.

We choose a Sunday as it allows us to have time together as a family the rest of the weekend, then relax with the preparation tasks – but choose whatever time works best for you and your family.

Use this time to look ahead at your week, and prepare as much as you can for it.

This could be ironing clothing you need for work or school for the full weekdays, to avoid stress and drama in the mornings; you could use the time to batch cook some home made dinners to avoid those extra shopping trips for fast food when you are all hungry; or could even be time to look at your work and school schedule and do homework or catch up on last minute appointment reminders.

Whatever you need to do, that can be done ahead of time – try and fit it in before you hit the busy week mornings and evenings.


Your home is your place of calm and peace, and all efforts you put it will bring their rewards.

Create the home you desire in an orderly and clean way, and allow it to be a welcoming loving place for you to enjoy every day!

If you are enjoying and using my schedule, be sure to connect with me on Instagram @mamafurfur and use the hashtag #microjoy or #domesticengineer as you run around nailing the housework in 15 minutes or less most days.

Let’s do this!


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